Crocus Growing Information and Photos

There's no question about it. As much as I love winter, with white Christmasses and sleighbells and skiing, there is a special thrill in my heart when I see my first crocus. The tiny purple or white or yellow head valiantly poking through the layers of frost and leaves is a sign of nature cycling around into another spring.

A crocus is a reward for work well done in the fall - a first reminder that flowers once covered a frozen patch of soil, and will again, soon. Crocuses flower late winter to early spring. They grow best in full sun or light shade, in well drained soil. However, I've seen crocuses grow in rocky areas, in shady patches beneath trees, and just about anywhere else I've tried them here in Massachusetts. They're courageous little flowers, willing to risk freezing cold and tough frozen dirt for their moment in the sun.

crocus flower

Once they do come up, you'll have the lovely, colorful flowers for up to a month or so. They come in a variety of colors, including purple, yellow, white, and stripes. They close in the evening when temperatures plummet, and open their petals back up again in the morning. Donít cut the foliage of a crocus even when it looks spent. The plant needs to ripen and die naturally for the flowers to come back the following year properly.

Preparation for this early spring treat comes when the leaves are first falling in the fall. Buy firm, plump bulbs and plant them before the frost sets in.. Plant in groups, around 5" deep. Water and mulch well. Cover them with chicken wire if squirrels tend to eat your bulbs. Make sure to remove this in early spring; otherwise your flowers will have trouble growing!

crocus flower White Crocus Photos

crocus flower Purple Crocus Photos

crocus flower Striped Crocus Photos

crocus flower Mixed Crocus Photos

These photos are all courtesy of Mensa Gardening SIG members. These crocusses grow in Massachusetts. They are the first flowers to bloom each spring, blooming early to mid April. We had so many crocus photos that we had to break them up into separate pages for loading time reasons.

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