Day Lily Growing Information and Photos

Any flower in the Hemerocallis is called a daylily. In Massachusetts you often see fields and fields of orange day lilies in June and July. The green stems start coming up for them in mid-April. They bloom throughout June and July, and by August there are just the stalks left to remind you of their beauty.

Interstingly, the daylily is not native to the United States. So even though you see massive amounts of them all over Massachusetts, they are all imported.

Daylilies tend to grow in clumps from a bulb. So that one clump of greens will then keep sending up shoots and making flowers after flowers. I have found it quite easy to dig up the clumps and plant them somewhere else, and have them bloom in their new location.

I have two types of daylilies in my yard. One is in the center of my back yard, around where a tree used to grow. These are orange daylilies. This group is known as the Tawny Daylily, Railroad Daylily, and Roadside Daylily. They are found all over Massachusetts and are fairly wild.

I also have a different kind, a tangerine daylily, on the left side of the yard by the bird feeder. It may be Hemerocallis dumortieri, but I'm not sure. I'm open to suggestions!

Tangerine Daylily
Tangerine Daylily
Orange Daylily
Orange Daylily

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