Forget Me Nots
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Forget Me Nots are classic flowers known to French and English cultures back in the Renaissance says. Henry IV used it as his symbol in the late 1300s, when he was in exile! They are part of the Myosotis genus of flowers. They have five petals and come in a variety of colors.

My friend bought me a pot of forget me nots one summer when my pet parakeet passed away. I had the pot on my back porch all summer long. The next year the pot itself did not grow any new flowers - but there were three forget me not flowers growing strongly in the back yard in different locations! In our 15 years we'd never seen these in the yard so they definitely came from that one pot. I dug up those flowers and put them back into their pot. Here they are just after replanting.



These photos are all courtesy of Mensa Gardening SIG members. These Forget Me Notss grow in Massachusetts.

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