Catgrass Growing Information and Photos

These Catgrass plants grow in Massachusetts. Catgrass is in essence a "normal grain" like oats or wheat that you just grow in small form. The cats love those tender shoots and eat them. Yes, sometimes they puke them up - they use the grass to help get junk out of their stomachs. Other times, though, they eat and swallow the grass as a tasty veggie.

Note - do NOT let the grasses grow to their full multi-feet height and start making seeds. The seeds are too difficult for the cat to digest.

These are the catgrass pots on May 25th -


Here they are in early June


Julie eats the cat grass by turning her head sideways and neatly severing a portion in her mouth.


Our other cat Hamlet eats it by sticking his head down on top of a pile of grass from the top and yanking!

These photos are all courtesy of Mensa Gardening SIG members.

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