Sage Growing Information and Photos

The herb sage, also known as Salvia officinalis is delicious. It originally hailed from the Mediterranean area but it is a perennial in Massachusetts as well as many other places. Plant it once and it keeps growing! Sage grows like a small shrub, with woody branches that thicken over the years.

This herb can be used in pretty much all meat dishes, along with cheese dishes. A lot of people apparently use sage for pork and sausage dishes.

The tradition of a "smudging sage stick" is normally done with sagebrush - Artemisia tridentata - which is native to the southwestern US / northern Mexico area and is an entirely different kind of plant. It is a medium sized shrub / tree. Many people have allergic reactions to breathing in the smoke of "garden sage" so it's best not to try smudging with this garden sage. Save it for eating :).

These Sage plants grow in Massachusetts. Enjoy!

These sage images are from 2007.

We planted some sage plants in 2008 along the side of our porch. By 2009 they had regrown on their own to take over the entire porch-side garden area!

This photo is from September 11, 2012. The sage is still growing strong, all by itself.

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