Venus Fly Trap Photos and Information

Venus fly traps are technically known as Dionaea muscipula. It was so funny when we bought this small plant at Lowe's. The cashier was hispanic and apparently hadn't seen one of these before. She rung it up rather calmly, then looked at her register screen and said "This thing is CARNIVEROUS??" Bob, my ever-cheerful boyfriend, said calmly, "Yes, you just cut off little pieces of your finger every night to feed it." I swatted him and explained that the venus fly trap eats bugs.

Interestingly, the plant is named after Venus, goddess of love. Awww, the plant loves its flies! What happens is the pair of "hands" on the plant feel the movement of the bug via little hairs, and then they close up and secrete enzymes to digest the bug. Then eventually they open back up again and start over.

In the US, the venus fly trap is only found natively in the bogs of North and South Carolina.

Here's how we brought it home, in a sealed little box. There were in fact a few tiny gnats in there for the plant to eat! I guess they don't expect Lowes' employees to go around feeding these plants :)

Venus Fly Trap

We pulled the plant out of the box and immediately all of its fronds triggered. Ooops. So much for giving it a snack right away. Bob had an ant all ready, too.

Venus Fly Trap

We did repot it and put it on our kitchen windowsill. That's a toothpick stuck in the soil for frond cleaning.

Venus Fly Trap

They grow best in spaghum moss so luckily we had some of that around for our repotting. We put rocks in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.

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