Gardening Newsletter List

The Gardening SIG has been putting out newsletters for a while now, on a number of topics. Recently, we switched to an online-only SIG, with members talking on our new forum and sending photos to Lisa to post for all to see. Read our past issues, and join in!

Vol 1, Issue 1: roses
Vol 1, Issue 2: herbs
Vol 1, Issue 3: seed exchange
Vol 1, Issue 4: more on herbs
Vol 1, Issue 5: planning your garden
Vol 1, Issue 6: spring gardens, lavender, bulbs

Vol 2, Issue 1: chives, fragrant flowers, seed exchange, Missouri Botanical Garden
Vol 2, Issue 2: hummingbird garden, starting seeds, lily of the valley, Moody Gardens, TX
Vol 2, Issue 3: coriander, peonies, butterfly garden, Kildare Japanese Garden
Vol 2, Issue 4: roses, organic mulch, peppers by mail, chervil, Green Animals, RI, Old Sturbridge Village
Vol 2, Issue 5: forcing bulbs, oregano
Vol 2, Issue 6: mulch, plants by the sea, sorrell, Georgeson Garden - Alaska

Vol 3, Issue 1: earthworms and earthworm home, hyssop
Vol 3, Issue 2: cutting garden, sweet woodruff, May wine
Vol 3, Issue 3: tons of letters, garlic
Vol 3, Issue 4: bulb thoughts, pennyroyal
Vol 3, Issue 5: lemon verbana

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