Allsop 30096 Garden Plant Tag

Plant tags are immensely useful items. When plants are just growing, you know what seeds you put in that spot. When they're fully grown, you can keep track of similarly shaped plants and herbs. When plants are dormant, you know where they will come up next year.

Allsop has two different styles of plant tags available. One has herb images on them, and the other has floral images on them.

Allsop 30096 Garden Plant Tag Allsop 30096 Garden Plant Tag

So how well do these work?

First, a comment on the packaging. The packaging these tags come with is INCREDIBLY wasteful. Talk about non-planet-friendly! They should simply pack these in a blister pack so that the plastic and cardboard can be recycled. Instead it's in a convoluted container that probably cost more than the tags themselves (and of course we pay for that container cost in the total price). Points removed for the packaging.

The tags look pretty and white when they come out of the box. They are a bit hard to "thread" onto the metal curled hook, but with a bit of bending and effort they do of course get into their proper spaces. Then comes the writing part.

You must use the pens THEY RECOMMEND for this to work well. If you use a typical wet-erase marker it will of course dissolve after the first rain storm! What they recommend you use is NOT a wet erase marker. It's a specific kind of marker that needs to be RUBBED to be removed. I ordered those markers and found that they worked just as indicated. They lasted all season through rainstorms and even a hurricane without washing off. They did remove when I needed to remove the ink, by rubbing with a paper towel. So they worked as indicated.

On the down side, the pretty white color of the tag turned to a rather icky yellow after being outside just for a few months. So if your aim was to have that white color, you're not in luck. If all you really cared about was having a functional tag, then the tag is certainly functional and quite visible at the end of a season.

Here is how my "mosquito plant" tag looked like at the end of the year.

Allsop 30096 Garden Plant Tag

I'm very pleased with the functionality of the tag. We had three kinds of basil and they looked almost identical but had different flavors. It was great to be able to scan the tags and know which one to get. We had them in hanging containers and would move them around to get the best sunlight, so otherwise it would have been hard to keep track of which was which. Also, we have plants which go dormant. By having the tags in the pots, it's easy to know what will grow again and how to store it and care for it.

Well recommended with the caveats mentioned above.

I purchased my plant tags with my own funds.

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