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These photos are all courtesy of Mensa Gardening SIG members. These Cauliflower grow in Massachusetts. Enjoy!

I grow the early dawn hybrid cauliflower because it harvests early - always a bonus in New England. You need to start the seeds about 6 weeks before your last frost day. When the seedlings get to an inch tall, thin to 1 plant per pot. Put them about 30" apart when they go into the garden. They should take 10 days to germinate, and 60 days before you can harvest them.

Note that cauliflower's white color isn't natural. To get this, wait for the head of the cauliflower plant to be about 2" across. Get a rubber band and fasten the leaves over the head for a week so it loses its color.

Mar 29 (right two)

Mar 30 (right two)

Apr 02 (left two tall ones)

Apr 08 (back ones in squares)

Apr 29

Apr 29

May 21

May 21

May 29

June 30

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