Tomato Growing Information and Photos

There are many types of tomatoes in the world. They are annual veggies, bearing fruit from early summer to late fall. Regular sized varieties yield about 4lb per plant, while smaller varieties like the Sweet 100 provide less per pound but much more per unit output.

Tomatoes should be started in the spring, 8-10 weeks before the last frost. The plants should be thinned when around 4" tall. Stop the plant from growing when it has four flower bunches.

Tomato plants thrive on sunshine, but keep them out of gusting winds. As they grow, tie their tops to poles for support or grow them within a metal cage.

Did you know that people used to think that the tomato plant was poisonous? They refused to eat these delicious red objects!

Fertilize and water your tomatoes regularly - calcium is important. Companion plants are nasturtiums, poppies, and marigolds. Watch out for tortoise bugs! These litte bugs like to eat the leaves.

Tomato Types with Photos
Hanging Tomato Plant
Patio Tomato Plant
Salsa Tomato
Sweet 100 Hybrid Tomato
Sweet Snack Hybrid Tomato

If you end up with green tomatoes at the end of the harvest season, you can turn them red using bananas!
Turning Green Tomatoes Red

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