Water Garden Profile: Beth

This lovely water garden is located in Massachusetts, at the home of Beth and Reid. The water garden is situated at the back end of their back yard, to the right of a wooden gazebo. A brick patio area sits in front of both of the two. This provides many vantage points for viewing the water garden.

This pond was done freeform by a professional installer. A hole was dug, and then a flexible vinyl layer was laid down within that hole.

Looking at the water garden from the front, there is a bog area to the right, and the main pond on the left has a deep area for the fish. Behind thi sand to the right, the top of the waterfall is built up rather high, around 3' high.

Here are three different views of the water garden, to show each aspect that it provides.

Massachusetts water garden
A view of the full water garden

Massachusetts water garden
The top of the waterfall

Massachusetts water garden
A view from the bog side

The fish are able to winter in this water garden through the cold Massachusetts winter because of its depth and size. They hibernate - they are not fed at all through winter, and only wake up again in the spring to resume their life.

If you are interested in how waterfalls are created, you can see more photos of this waterfall in the Waterfalls Article

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