Planning Your In Ground Water Garden

Water gardens are a gorgeous addition for any landscape. Here are some tips on choosing the best location for your in ground water garden. These are of course only the most basic overviews of these items - be sure to read up on each topic to make sure you best suit your needs and location!

You'll want to be able to enjoy your water garden - whether it's watching the fish play from your patio, laying in the hammock and listening to the frogs, or admiring the beauty of it from your kitchen window. Start with a radius around your primary entertainment areas, to determine what your available options are. You can also plan on creating a new entertainment area near your garden - creating a secondary patio area, for example.

Power and Water
Water gardens need power to run their pumps, and need to be topped off with water as well. Make sure that you can get power and water out to your garden in a relatively easy manner. Take appropriate safety precautions if you decide to run power underground to your location. You can look into solar options as well, if you have an area that gets enough light to generate that power.

Pond Health
Your pond needs around 5 hours of sunlight a day, but having some shade and some sun will increase the number of creatures that will enjoy using it. Also, you don't want heavy rains to wash chemicals and dirt into your pond. So within the range set by the visibility and power/water requirements, now find a location which is semi-shaded and of medium or high elevation.

If you put the pond in the lowest spot in your yard, every time it rains, all the debris will run down into your pond. If you put the pond underneath trees, the leaves and sticks that fall into it will cause great problems. Choosing the location for a pond which best helps it stay clean naturally can save you hours of daily work down the road.

Once you find the ideal location for your water garden, it's time to determine what size to create!

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