Choosing a Water Garden Liner

When you are planning out your water garden, one of the most critical decisions you will make involves what liner to use.

There are many preformed liners which help make the task of installing a water garden easy. These are liners that are created in a certain shape out of a rigid plastic. You buy the liner in the shape you desire - a 10' circle, a 20' kidney shape, or so on. You dig a hole in the shape and size you chose, and drop the liner in to that location.

With pre-formed, rigid liners, the liner is usually guaranteed for 20 years. This gives you a long, happy time with your garden with peace of mind.

However, many times the water garden enthusiast wants to create a water garden that does not represent a "standard shape". They want to be creative in their design, or perhaps the layout of their available area does not suit well to the options available. In these cases, you would want to go with a flexible liner.

Flexbile liners resemble sheets of fabric - they are very flexible and able to be cut and molded to fit a wide variety of shapes. These liners are usually also guaranteed for 20 years. However, because they are softer than the rigid plastic liners, they often need more care in installation. An errant stick or rock can easily poke through the liner, creating a hole that would quickly drain out the water garden's contents.

Flexible liners also requires more thought, because now you are controlling its shape and size. Rather than getting a pre-built shape to use, you have to design the depth, shape and ledges yourself.

Finally, you can also create a concrete water garden. This is where you dig out a hole in a certain shape and size and then literally pour in concrete to line the edges of that hole. This is the hardest type of water garden to install. As you might imagine, it is also is the most durable style of water garden. You usually don't have to worry about a rock poking through a concrete wall! If you feel comfortable working with concrete, this option could create a water garden that will easily last decades and give you trouble free existence.

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