Frogs in your Pond

A pond can easily become a fun hangout for your local frogs. As a matter of fact, it probably will. Frogs tend to have a mind of their own and legs to take them where they want to go. If you like frogs, try to make your pond frog-friendly. Here are some easy tips to keep your pond a frog-friendly location.

Green Frog First, make sure the frog can easily get in and out of the pond. Frogs do not live in the pond full time. They come and go so they will want to watch for predators like birds, snakes and cats and have a well shielded location to easily get in, with plants to hide amongst. Unfortunately, frogs don't seem to understand that a lawn mower cannot be hidden from.

Have plants near your pond, and in the pond, so that the frog can be in hiding along his way in and out.

Your frog needs to eat, so if there aren't normally tons of insects around, think of what insects might like to eat. Iris are usually a good choice for this. If you get a stable insect population, the frogs will naturally be drawn to them to eat. Be careful about really big frogs and toads though because they might decide your fish look appetizing!

Green Frog Keep the pond as clean and chemical-free as possible. Frogs are sensitive to chemicals, and you don't want to poison your little friends. Give a good balance of shade and sun so the frog can regulate its temperature as it wants to.

Keep natural predators away. Try to keep cats away from your pond, and discourage larger birds, too. You don't want your new visitor being munched on by a larger creature! There are many techniques for keeping control of ground and air predators, including noise generators, sparkling items and certain scents.

Remember to research the type of frog you want to add to your garden. There are many different types of frogs out there, and each has its own specific living requirements. You also want to be aware of what is naturally found in your environment, so you do not introduce a type of frog that would become harmful to the natives.

The frog in these photos is a Green Frog.

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