The Rock and Water Garden Expert

In this world of internet resources, there is still a great pleasure in sitting out on your back porch, sipping a glass of tea and paging through gorgeous full color photos to plan out your next addition or improvement to your garden. Author D. G. Hessayon does a great job of providing great information and full color photos for anyone interested in setting up a rock or water garden.

The plant area has complete information on each plant type, along with both a full color photo and a full color drawing of the plant. That lets you both see the foliage in "real life textures" as well as get the more precise details from the drawing. You learn how to propagate them, what soil they best grow in, and much more.

There are of course the technical details about how to set up a pond of different styles and materials, how the pumps work, and how to winterize. There are overviews of the creatures a pond might attract (frogs, newts) as well as an overview of good fish to put into your pond. Really, though, as good as these details are, you can find them in many other places. The bulk of the book is with the plants and their care. I definitely enjoy paging through this in the back yard, vs hunched over a computer screen.

Well recommended for anyone looking into adding or expanding their gardens!

I bought this book with my own money.

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