The Waller - Warren Family Cookbook
Profiles of the Family Members

George Frank John Waller was the grandson of Carl Johann Friedrich Waller, who had come from Stade, Germany to Chicago, Illinois in the end of the 1800s. As a young man, George enlisted for World War II and during the soldiers dances, met and fell in love with Jane Warren in Tennessee. If you're interested in the prevous generation from what is listed in here, I do have the Ora Warren Information on line - this is Jane Warren's mother, who was born in 1893.

George Frank John's Generation

The Wallers
George Waller
Dot Waller
The Warrens
Nancy Warren
Joe Warren
Jane Warren Waller (married George)

The Kids

George Waller / Jane Warren's Kids
George Waller
Becky Waller Hall
Blake Waller
Bruce Waller

Dot Waller's Kids
Vincent Victor LaBon Jr
Steven Wayne LaBon
Beth Ann LaBon
Nancy Warren's Kids
Warren Lee Grammar

Joe Warren's Kids
Julie Warren Castleberry
Joe Warren
Blake Warren

The Grandkids

George's Kids
Lisa Waller
Jenn Waller
Cassion Waller
Tammy Waller

Becky's Kids
Matt Hall
Paige Hall

Blake's Kids
Lori Beth Waller

Bruce's Kids
Jason Waller
Warren Lee Grammar's kids
- none -

Julie Castleberry's kids
Blake Castleberry

The Great-Grandkids

Lisa's Kids
James Shea

Jenn's Kids
Billy M (step)
Dale M (step)
Katie M (step)
Jeremy M

The Waller - Warren Family Cookbook