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Patrick Fitzsimmons, b ?? d 1826, PA
Patrick Fitzsimmons, b ~1800, PA
William Fitzsimmons, b 1812, Armagh
Thomas F. Fitzsimmons, b ~1820, IRL->PA->IA->IL (My Notes)
Joseph Fitzsimmons, b30 Jul 1823, PA->IA->KS
Thomas Fitzsimmons, b1824 IRL -> PA
James Fitzsimmons, b1830 PA -> OH
Samuel Fitzsimmons, b1840s, OH -> MO
Thomas Fitzsimmons, b1840, Tyrone IRL
Robert Fitzsimmons, b1840, PA
Henry Fitzsimmons, b1843, Dublin -> Ottawa
John James Fitzsimmons, b1846, Isle of Man -> PA
Nettie Fitzsimons, b1861 KS
Robert Fitzsimmons, b1863 Cornwell -> Chicago IL
John Thomas Fitzsimmons, b1863, Tyrone IRL
Marion Fitzsimmons, b~1870s, PA -> TX
Fitzsimmons b1800s, Illinois
Thomas Fitzsimmons, b1880s, PA

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Ray David
All I could find on Thomas Fitzsimmons and family is below.

Taken from 'History of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania - 1888', by Kate Scott, published in 1888 by D. Mason & Co., Publishers in Syracuse, New York.

Page 199 - Thomas Fitzsimmons was a private in Company F, Emergency Men of 1864.

Also, I found reference to a Thomas Fitzsimmons whose father was John. However, since John was born in 1814, it is unlikely this is your Thomas.

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