George Waller's Diary -
His First Child's Birth

Feb 8, 1969
I am now the proud father of Elizabeth Jane Waller who will be called "Lisa" which is pronounced Lee-sa not Lie-za. She arrived on Feb 6 at 217 PM weighing 5 lbs 10 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. Ann woke me up about 7 that morning and said that she thought it was time to go to the hospital. We called the hospital and they said to wait until the pains were 5 minutes apart and 60 seconds long. At 900 we left for the hospital and Ann was admitted at 935 to Malcolm Grew Hospital at Andrews AFB in the County of Prince George in the State of Maryland. The nurse told me to go home since it would be a long time before the baby would come and that they would call me when it was time. I went home for about an hour and one half and then came back.

I finished reading "Mirror for Man" which is a text book for anthropology and started "The Charterhouse of Parma" by Stendhal. About 345 I got tired of waiting and went down to the delivery area and asked how Ann was doing. The nurse said "Oh you haven't seen her since delivery." It seems that they couldn't find me when they came out to tell me about the baby although I was sitting down the hall just a little. At anyrate, they brought the smiling mother out and we talked for about fifteen minutes and then I got to go look at the baby. She was on a heating unit which they use for all newborn babies and the nurse had to unplug the unit and bring her over so I could look at her. She was sticking all of her fingers into her mouth and her eyes were wide open. Ann said that when she was born, she let out a lusty cry which got Dr Corcoran's approval. I went home and had something to eat and then went out and bought birth announcements and a baby book and some books for Ann to read. At seven, I went back to visit and got to talk with Ann for an hour and then looked at Lisa for a while.

February 11, 1969
Lisa is now home from the hospital and cost $5.25 for the food and hospitalization. We also bought some pictures of her on her first day for $7.25. She came home on Sunday which was the ninth and the only trouble she has been is that she sleeps all day and cries at night. We have talked to the happy grandparents a couple of times and my parents and brothers are coming down this weekend to visit the baby.

Lisa is a beautiful baby and does not resemble anyone yet. She has enormous eyes and a turned up nose and soft brown hair. She has a good set of lungs and a healthy appetite. She has a good chance of being spoiled.

February 21, 1969
Spent the last week getting used to Lisa and letting her get used to living. My parents came down last Saturday evening and loved her. Blake and Kubie seemed to be under her spell also. She is a lot better now and we get more sleep that the first few days.

July 23, 1969
Three days ago we watched the first step on the moon through television. I woke Lisa up and held her in front of the television so her bleary eyes could see the first man walking on the moon. Ann fell asleep while they were still walking around. I watched them gather rock samples, set up a seismometer, a solar wind experiment, and plant the flag of the United States of America.

New orders I have are for Bien Hoa, South Vietnam. I received them on 21 Apr 1969 and since then, the powers that be have been trying to get them cancelled... so far to no avail.

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