UCONN 1964 - 1965

Visited in Oct 2003

Notes on UCONN

During his freshman year at UCONN, Dad lived with a roommate in a metal trailer that was parked on the lawn of a family that lived in a big white house. The house was on a very old road that was once traveled by George Washington! Here is an image of the road - still a dirt road - with the stone walls alongside it. Click for a larger image, you can use the large image as a desktop background by right-clicking on it once the big version comes up.

Note that you can see the 'carriage guards' on the side of the road. They were rocks with cut-outs in their tops to hold logs, just like metal guard rails help cars stay on the road today. Again, there's a larger version of this one too.

Here's the yard where the metal trailer was parked. The trailer is no longer there, now it's just a lawn.

We found the actual trailer further down the road, shoved into the bushes and quite beaten on.

We climbed in to it and poked around it some. Apparently it'd been remodelled since the early 60s.

Dad tried to unscrew a light as a memento but unfortunately it was quite stuck. The last resting place of the trailer!

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