Jane Warren Waller Letter to Lisa, 1997

..Your mentioning that you won the game of "Diplomacy " against Ryan reminded me that when I first met your grandfather, we were out on the farm and using a rifle for target practice - remember this was against one of Uncle Samís sharp shooters - and I outdid him every time. When he criticizes my independence I remind him that he was forwarned that I was not a shrinking violet.

Guess it is just as well that I donít have the equipment or the know how of playing games on the Internet, as I am "addicted" to Gameboy. This old lady of almost 70 has beaten level 23 on medium speed several times on Dr. Mario. I had beaten level 20 many times before I discovered that it would go past the 20 level that shows on the level-scale. I was always so weary after getting through level 20 that it never occurred to me to continue - I would just turn it off. Iím intrigued with the different levels of congratulations and the animation it shows. I wonder how high it will go and how it congratulates you for level 25 of so? Guess Iíll never know unless I use an 800 number to call and ask.

... Dancing was in your list of enjoyments. What type of dancing do you like? You are in a direct line of dancers from Pop Blake - my father - through me to you. Often in the Fayetteville Observer it is mentioned that my father called for a square dance, or that his dancing was the hit of the evening. I remember as a child he could beat out a tune with his feet. It was so sad. My mother did not dance at all. Nancy, my older sister, did not like to dance. In those days men couldnít dance with anyone but family, so he had to wait for me to grow up. We gained a special rapport during those days. Blake likes to dance. George and I were chosen by the general at Camp Forest to represent him in a dance contest. That was our only claim to honor, as we were about third to last being "tagged out."

Jane holding Lisa

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