Well of Happiness

Mood is a blotter of the thoughts we hold.
God's blessings-
Memories as sunrays through a frosted pane.
Frothy leafery sheltering a winding lane.

Apple blossoms-
A shimmering smile.
Fragrant winds wafting-
Swishy tailed squirrels put birds to flight.
A rising sun closing out the night.

The dance of golden wheat ere shocked.
Angels wings fluttering-
Leonardo da Vinci,
Chopin, Thoreau.
A bottle's secreted message on the river's flow.

A grandchild's smile of recognized genes.
Pussy willow softness-
Blue skies, pink roses, yellow buttercup.
Wee cool dew drops for the elves to sup.

The last bright glow of applewood embers,
Cozy warmth-
One love, true friends,
A family gathered.
Embracing arms of life well weathered.

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