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Mass 3rd Infantry -
Surnames A-E

I don't have every single roster on line yet, but until then, here is a list of all people who served in the Mass 3rd Infantry. If you see a name in here you'd like more information on, let me know and I'll work on finding it out for you.

Ackerman, Nathaniel
Akin, Charles R.
Albro, Alfred
Alden, Caleb
Alden, Isaac R.
Alden, Lucius F.
Alden, William C.
Alden, William S., Jr.
Alexander, John F.
Alexander, William B.
Alger, Charles, Jr.
Allen, Albert M.
Allen, Charles A.
Allen, Charles G.
Allen, Edward D.
Allen, George H.
Allen, Joseph H.
Allen, Sherman
Allen, Thomas C., Jr.
Allen, Thomas L.
Allen, William F.
Allen, William H.
Allen, William H. III
Altham, George
Andrews, Manassah L.
Andrews, Thomas
Angell, William N.
Annand, Augustus
Anthony, Nicholas B.
Arkerson, Leonard, Jr.
Arnold, James E.
Ash, Thomas
Ashley, Albert B.
Atchison, Martin
Atwood, Benjamin S.
Atwood, Benjamin S.
Atwood, Ebenezer E.
Atwood, Eli, Jr.
Atwood, John S.
Atwood, Josiah E.
Atwood, Josiah W.
Atwood, Luther
Atwood, Stephen T.
Atwood, Thomas B.
Atwood, Timothy S.
Austin, Francis S.
Austin, Thomas A.
Avery, Charles N.
Babbitt, Nathaniel M.
Babcock, John H.
Babcock, John H. M.
Bacon, David B.
Baker, Abram M.
Baker, Benjamin T.
Baker, Henry C.
Baker, Otis A.
Baldwin, George W.
Barker, Jeremiah D.
Barker, William T.
Barnes, Benjamin F.
Barnes, Charles E.
Barnes, George R.
Barnes, Levonzo D.
Barnes, Nathaniel F.
Barnes, William E.
Barnett, John
Barney, Hial
Barrows, Alpheus
Barrows, George
Barrows, Isaac H.
Bartlett, Amasa M.
Bartlett, Amasa M.
Bartlett, Ezekiel R.
Bartlett, John M.
Barton, James
Barton, James
Barton, Theodore A.
Bate, Andrew J.
Bates, George E.
Bates, James H.
Bates, Nathaniel B.
Bates, Samuel
Bates, William M.
Battles, Otis L.
Baxter, Joseph H.
Beal, Bernard C.
Beals, Charles T.
Bearce, Benjamin H.
Bearse, Zachariah T.
Beaton, Henry F.
Beaton, James W.
Beetle, Edward E.
Belden, William H.
Benson, Calvin
Benson, Jeremiah
Bent, Joseph
>>MISSING Besse, George A.
Besse, James W.
Bird, Henry W.
Bishop, Israel S.
Bishop, Micah S.
Black, Isaac H.
Blackman, Andrew G.
Blake, Peleg W.
Blakeman, Daniel
Blanchard, Jonathan C.
Blankenship, James W.
Bliss, Charles
Bliss, Joshua S.
Bly, Ezra K.
Bly, William L.
Bohan, James
Boling, John M.
Bolles, James C.
Bonney, Allen F.
Bonney, John G.
Bonney, Morton V.
Bonney, Morton V.
Bonney, Theodore L.
Booth, Charles R.
Booth, Nathaniel A.
Borden, Alphonso
Borden, Ashiel M.
Borden, Charles C.
Borden, Isaac S.
Borden, John A.
Borden, Stephen B.
Bourne, George H.
Bourne, Josiah
Bourne, Robert T.
Bourne, Sylvanus
Bourne, Sylvester, Jr.
Bourne, Thomas B.
Bourne, Thomas W.
Bowen, Martin
Bowen, Thomas H.
Bowers, Joseph
Bowman, Joseph B.
Boyce, John
Bradbury, Robert
Bradbury, William
Bradford, Ebenezer N.
Bradford, William H.
Bradley, David
Brady, Owen
Brainard, John M.
Braley, Charles G.
Braley, George B.
Braley, Sierra L.
Bramhall, Ellis B.
Brannan, Patrick
Brayton, Charles F.
Brayton, Stephen F.
Briggs, Charles H.
Briggs, Chester W.
Briggs, Daniel
Briggs, Francis G.
Briggs, George D.
Briggs, George P.
Briggs, Henry W.
Briggs, James
Briggs, Leonard
Briggs, Oliver H.
Briggs, Seth M.
Briggs, Walter C.
Briggs, William S.
Brightman, James
Brightman, John H.
Brightman, William B.
Broadbent, Samuel S.
Brooks, Thomas J.
Brotherson, Joseph C.
Brow, Frank E.
Brown, Arnold D.
Brown, Caleb N.
Brown, Charles B.
Brown, Daniel F.
Brown, Jacob
Brown, Lorenzo L.
Brown, Samuel
Brownell, Alexander M.
Bryant, Charles E.
Bryant, Charles L.
Bryant, Francis E.
Bryant, Frank
Bryant, George B.
Bryant, James W.
Bryant, Oliver E.
Bryant, Oliver H.
Bucklin, George W.
Buffington, George O.
Buffington, Samuel L.
Bullard, Amasa
Bullock, Gilbert D.
Bumpus, David P.
Bumpus, Hiram W.
Bumpus, Hosea C.
Bumpus, Hosea C.
Burbank, David W.
Burbank, William S.
Burdick, Benjamin F.
Burgess, Ebenezer
Burgess, Howard
Burgess, Theophilus J.
Burke, William
Burns, James
Burt, Benjamin
Busnach, Solomon M.
Buswell, James E.
Butler, Daniel
Butler, Daniel A.
Butler, James
Butts, Joseph A.
Caldwell, George
Caldwell, Melvin
Caldwell, William
Cameron, John
Cameron, John A.
Canedy, William J.
Cannavan, Patrick
Capen, Alonzo
Card, Benjamin F.
Carey, Michael
Carmichael, John B.
Carnes, Rollins
Carroll, James N.
Carroll, Michael
Carsley, William W.
Cartwright, Joseph P.
Carver, Gilbert
Case, Isaiah B.
Cash, William
Caswell, Leander W.
Caswell, Thomas N.
Caswell, William F.
Cate, James H.
Chace, Alvah M.
Chace, Baylies R.
Chace, Benjamin F.
Chace, Collins
Chace, Edwin
Chace, Franklin J.
Chace, George A.
Chace, George F.
Chace, George N.
Chace, Herbert A.
Chace, Mark P.
Chace, Philip
Chace, William H.
Chace, William H. II
Chace, William P.
Chadwick, Isaac S.
Chamberlain, Samuel E.
Chandler, Edward T.
Chandler, Frederick
Chandler, John B.
Chandler, Marshall M.
Chandler, William
Chandler, William B.
Chapman, Edward T.
Chapman, John F.
Chase, Charles H.
Chase, George H.
Chase, George H.
Chipman, George E.
Chipman, Sumner J.
Christian, Stephen E.
Chubbuck, Benjamin C.
Churchill, Alexander L.
Churchill, Charles E.
Churchill, Ezra S.
Churchill, Frederick S.
Churchill, Robert B.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry E.
Clark, James
Clark, James C.
Clark, Johnson
Clark, Patrick
Clark, William H.
Clarkson, Edwin
Clarkson, Thomas
Clay, Hosea C.
Cleveland, Charles W.
Cobb, Allen
Cobb, Charles S.
Cobb, John M.
Cobb, John M.
Cobb, Joseph F.
Cobb, Sidney O.
Cobb, William S.
Cobb, William S., Jr.
Coggeshall, Edmund D.
Coggeshall, George B.
Coggeshall, Josiah W.
Cole, Albert L.
Cole, Charles G.
Cole, Nelson F.
Cole, Theodore W.
Colley, William A.
Collins, Charles M.
Collins, James
Colwell, Charles H.
Conant, Seth W.
Conley, Owen P.
Connell, William H.
Connolly, James
Coogan, James
Cook, Charles H.
Cook, Henry
Cook, Timothy D., Jr.
Copeland, Charles D.
Copeland, Elisha
Copeland, Ezra S.
Copeland, John
Copp, John C.
Cordingly, Thomas R.
Cornell, Solomon
Corser, Charles W.
Corson, Reuben
Costello, Thomas
Coughlin, Bartholomew
Coughlin, Timothy
Covell, Benjamin B., Jr.
Cox, James N.
Crabbie, Robert D.
Crafts, Francis T.
Crane, Charles F.
Crapo, Francis H.
Crapo, Francis N.
Crapo, Henry E.
Crapo, Philip M.
Crighton, Thomas J.
Crittenden, John F.
Cronan, Jere C., Jr.
Crosby, Charles C.
Crosby, Edward F.
Crossman, Robert
Crowell, Henry P.
Crowell, Thomas C.
Crowley, Patrick
Croy, William D.
Cunneen, James E.
Cunningham, Hugh
Curran, James
Curtis, George E.
Cushing, William B.
Cushman, Austin S.
Cushman, Austin S.
Cushman, Frederick E.
Cushman, Newell F.
Cutler, Israel
Dacey, Timothy
Dakin, Charles R.
Damon, Edward F.
Darling, Albert A.
Darling, George
Darling, John A.
Davenport, Augustus
Davenport, John M.
Davenport, Nathaniel M.
Davis, Albert E.
Davis, Alden
Davis, George H.
Davis, George W.
Davis, James A.
Davis, John P.
Davis, John R.
Davis, Jonathan W.
Davis, Jonathan W.
Davis, Llewellyn P., Jr.
Davis, Nathan S.
Davis, Pardon A.
Davis, William G.
Davol, Henry S.
Davol, John, Jr.
Davol, John N.
Dean, Hercules
Dean, John M.
Dean, William
Dedrick, Charles M.
De Kay, Richard
Delano, Henry H.
Delano, William
Delmage, James L.
Demoranville, Stephen E.
Dempsey, Robert M.
Deplitch, William
Dexter, Albert M.
Dexter, Andrew
Dexter, Benjamin F.
Dexter, Elisha L.
Dexter, Ezra H.
Dexter, James W.
Dexter, Luke
Dexter, Thomas D.
Dillingham, Edward H.
Dillon, John
Dixon, James
Dixon, Lyman
Doane, Elisha
Doble, Francis M.
Dodge, Gilbert A.
Dolan, Andrew
Dolman, Joseph
Donavan, Edward M.
Donley, James
Donovan, James
Doten, Charles C.
Doten, George H.
Drayton, John
Drew, Charles H.
Drew, George III
Drew, Josiah R.
Drew, Stephen C.
Dunham, Ellis D.
Dunham, George
Dunham, Henry A.
Dunham, John
Dunham, Joseph W.
Dunham, Thomas S.
Dunham, William G.
Durfee, Benjamin
Durfee, George
Durfee, George L.
Durfee, Samuel P.
Dwyer, Daniel
Dwyer, William
Dyer, Edwin J.
Dyer, Stephen K.
Dyson, William A.
Earl, Andrew R.
Eaton, Josiah J.
Eaton, Solomon K.
Edson, Seth B.
Edwards, John
Eldredge, William P.
Eldridge, William
Ellis, Barzilla F.
Ellis, Daniel S.
Ellis, Henry K.
Ellis, John
Ellis, Waterman J.
Ellis, William T.
Ellison, Lowell
Elsbree, Almanzor S.
Endicott, Ingersoll B.
Evans, James M.
Everson, Erastus W.
Everson, Frederick O.
Ewer, Barnabas, Jr.

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