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Mass 3rd Infantry -
Surnames P-Z

I don't have every single roster on line yet, but until then, here is a list of all people who served in the Mass 3rd Infantry. If you see a name in here you'd like more information on, let me know and I'll work on finding it out for you.

Packard, Bradford
Packard, Charles M.
Packard, George F.
Packard, Horace F.
Packard, James H.
Packard, Nathan F.
Packard, William H.
Paddock, George R.
Padelford, Silas M.
Page, Hathaway B.
Paine, George A.
Paine, Henry K.
Palmer, George S.
Palmer, Thomas S.
Parker, George W.
Parris, Caleb B.
Parris, Robert
Parsons, Lewis J.
Paulding, James T.
Paull, Roger
Peck, William B.
Peckham, Charles B.
Peckham, John B.
Peckham, Peleg H.
Peckham, Samuel G.
Peckham, William W.
Peirce, Calvin D.
Peirce, John W.
Peirce, Lucius E.
Peirce, William C.
Peiser, Jacob
MISSING DATA Perry, Charles M.
Perry, Charles M.
Perry, George W.
Perry, Lyman C.
Perry, Marcus T.
Perry, Valentine
Peters, John
Peterson, Algernon A.
Petty, Hiram S.
Petty, James H.
Phelan, George
Phelan, John
Phillips, Samuel W.
Phinney, Edward F.
Phinney, Israel B.
Phinney, Sylvester O.
Phinney, William W.
Pickins, Luther
Pickles, James
Pierce, Abraham
Pierce, Alexander O.
Pierce, Calvin D.
Pierce, Charles C.
Pierce, Charles H.
Pierce, Charles W.
Pierce, Columbus
Pierce, Edward L.
Pierce, Ezra V. B.
Pierce, Moses W.
Place, Charles C.
Place, Isaac H.
Platt, Charles
Platt, Edward
Plummer, Frederick A.
Plummer, Horace M.
Poole, Horace W.
Poole, Isaac
Poole, John
Pope, Rufus H.
Porter, Andrew
Porter, Francis L.
Porter, Oliver C.
Potter, Henry H.
Potter, Simeon W.
Potter, Thomas, Jr.
Potter, William H.
Pratt, Henry B.
Pratt, Selden
Preston, Thomas
Prior, Erastus O.
Purington, Samuel C.
Purrington, John A.
Purrington, Philip B.
Purrington, William B.
Putnam, George F.
Quick, James S.
Quigley, Patrick
Ramsdell, Cornelius
Randall, Fayette E.
Randall, George W.
Rankin, Lawrence R.
Raymond, Charles
Raymond, Harvey A.
Raymond, Isaac E.
Raymond, Lucius S.
Raymond, Samuel B.
Raymond, Thomas W.
Raymond, William B.
Read, Edward E.
Read, John F.
Record, Charles
Reed, James O.
Reed, John N.
Reed, Seth D.
Regan, Morty
Regan, Timothy
Remington, Charles G.
Rennis, Edwin H.
Reynolds, David P.
Reynolds, Elisha
Reynolds, George, Jr.
Reynolds, Josiah E.
Reynolds, William
Reynolds, William F.
Rheynolds, William
Rheynolds, William F.
Rice, Adoniram J.
Rice, George
Richards, Edward R.
Richards, Silas N.
Richards, William D.
Richards, William W.
Richardson, Edwin F.
Richardson, James P.
Richmond, Joseph S. W.
Richmond, Silas P.
Richmond, Welcome H.
Rickard, Warren
Ricketson, John H.
Rider, David
Rigby, Samuel
Ripley, Edward H.
Ripley, George W.
Ripley, Henry
Ripley, Joseph A.
Ripley, Thomas P.
Rix, Jonathan M.
Roach, James
Robbins, Edward L.
Robbins, Edward L.
Robbins, Eliphalet H.
Robbins, Francis H.
Robbins, Herbert
Robbins, James H.
Robbins, James H.
Robbins, Thomas C.
Roberts, James I.
Robinson, Benjamin F.
Robinson, Sanford M.
Rodman, Samuel J.
Rogers, George F.
Rogers, Otis
Rounseville, Edwin T.
Rounseville, Simon D.
Rounseville, William H.
Rowbotham, James
Russell, Andrew W.
Russell, William R.
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, James
Ryan, Jeremiah
Ryan, William
Ryder, Madison N.
Sadler, William G.
Salisbury, William H.
Salsbury, Robert
Sampson, Augustus M.
Sampson, Ezra F.
Sampson, John
Sampson, Thomas W.
Sampson, Zabdiel S.
Sanborn, John D.
Sanford, Leonard M.
Sanford, Sylvester
Sargent, John
Sawyer, Stephen P.
Sears, George T.
Sears, George T.
Sears, James F.
Sears, Stephen C.
Seaver, Joseph N.
Shannon, William
Sharp, James L.
Sharpe, Edward
Sharples, Lawrence
Shaw, Alonzo D.
Shaw, Asa
Shaw, Asa
Shaw, Asa F.
Shaw, Benjamin A.
Shaw, Charles
Shaw, Charles H.
Shaw, Ebenezer A.
Shaw, Edward W.
Shaw, Ezra
Shaw, George H.
Shaw, George H.
Shaw, George T.
Shaw, Jesse M.
Shaw, Jonathan W.
Shaw, Linus A.
Shaw, Lorenzo N.
Shaw, Nathaniel, Jr.
Shay, Michael W.
Shea, Matthew
Shean, Michael
Sheean, Daniel
Sheedy, James
Shepard, Frank H.
Sherman, Ira M.
Sherman, James E.
Sherman, Joseph S.
Sherman, Leander L.
Sherman, Leander L.
Sherman, William H.
Sherman, Winslow B.
Shipman, John
Shove, Charles H.
Shurtleff, Benjamin, Jr.
Shurtleff, Gideon
Shurtleff, Seth H.
Sidley, John P.
Simmons, Charles C.
Simmons, Oliver
Sisson, George F.
Sisson, George P.
Sisson, William H.
Skinner, James B.
Slade, Alfred L.
Slade, Charles E.
Slate, Charles S.
Slocomb, Samuel F.
Slocum, William J.
Smith, Edward
Smith, George W.
Smith, Henry A.
Smith, James
Smith, James B.
Smith, Jason
Smith, John
Smith, John S.
Smith, John W.
Smith, Lafayette
Smith, Leprelet C.
Smith, Reuben, Jr.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Roland
Smith, Samuel D.
Smith, Stephen N.
Smith, Thomas
Smithson, John
Snell, Issacher K.
Snow, Charles A.
Snow, Roland W.
Soule, Charles W.
Soule, Robert F.
Soule, Rufus A.
Soule, William
Southworth, Jacob W.
Sowle, Abel, Jr.
Sowle, Edwin P.
Spooner, Asa, Jr.
Spooner, Joseph S.
Spooner, Samuel H.
Spooner, Samuel K.
Spooner, Sylvester C.
Spooner, William F.
Standish, James C.
Staples, Frank
Stephens, William H.
Stetson, Charles E.
Stetson, Charles H.
Stetson, Isaiah
Stetson, William F.
Stiles, James
Stocker, Alfred A.
Stoddard, Francis H.
Stone, Warren F.
Stowell, Columbus
Stowell, Richard P.
Stringer, Andrew
Stringer, James H.
Stringer, Joseph
Strobridge, Benjamin H.
Studley, Judson
Sturtevant, Dexter M.
Sturtevant, Zenas W.
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Timothy
Sweet, Nelson J.
Swift, Daniel E.
Swift, John
Swift, Leander H.
Swift, Peleg
Sylvester, John
Taber, Cornelius G.
Taber, Daniel G.
Taber, Loring P.
Taber, Lyman G.
Taber, Theodore A.
Talbot, Charles H.
Taylor, John
Taylor, William H.
Taylor, William W.
Teachman, Sydney M.
Terry, Edward P.
Terry, Timothy W.
Thackeray, William
Thayer, Charles H.
Thayer, Edwin S.
Thayer, Frederick
Thayer, Frederick
Thomas, Francis S.
Thomas, Harrison O.
Thompson, James H.
Thompson, Morton
Thompson, Samuel G.
Thompson, Soranus
Thurber, Jeremiah
Thurber, Jonathan W.
Thurston, Augustus A.
Tibbetts, William
Tighe, James D.
Tillinghast, William A.
Tillson, George W.
Tillson, Hiram B.
Tillson, Hiram O.
Tilton, James M.
Tinkham, Charles H.
Tinkham, Joseph W.
Tinkham, William H.
Tirrell, Major ???
Titus, Charles H.
Tobey, Charles H.
Tobey, Charles H.
Tobey, Franklin, Jr.
Tobey, John A.
Topham, Philip M.
Torrey, Leander
Towle, John A.
Townsend, John P.
Tracy, William
Tribble, James
Tripp, Allen H.
Tripp, Charles F.
Tripp, Daniel H.
Tripp, Edwin C.
Tripp, George A.
Tripp, George H. W.
Tripp, Handell J.
Tripp, Horace P.
Tripp, Ira P.
Tripp, James F.
Tripp, John E.
Tripp, Philip
Tripp, Stephen T.
Tripp, Sylvanus A.
Tripp, Thomas G. C.
Trulan, Edwin H.
Tuckerman, Robert, Jr.
Turner, Alonzo
Upjohn, Aaron, Jr.
Valles, Isaac B.
Vaughn, Alvin P.
Vial, George H.
Vinal, Joseph
Vincent, Francis P.
Vose, John
Wade, Lewis T.
Wade, Vernon
Wady, William I.
Waite, Ishmael S.
Walker, Charles B.
Walker, Charles H.
Walker, George A.
Walker, James
Walker, Nathan O.
Wallace, Richard D.
Ward, Ansel B.
Wardrop, David W.
Warner, Jesse A.
Washburn, Cephas, Jr.
Washburn, John M.
Washburn, Joseph G.
Washburn, Nahum, Jr.
Washburn, Nathan H.
Washburn, Oscar E.
Washburn, Philip M.
Washburn, Selden M.
Washburn, William H.
Waterman, Sylvanus D.
Waters, George W.
Watson, Samuel J.
Weaver, Charles S.
Webb, Simeon
Webb, William H.
Welsh, John W.
Welsh, William H.
Wentworth, Horace
Wentworth, Horace E.
Wentworth, Lucian F.
West, Charles
West, Charles
Westcoat, Henry M.
Westgate, Andrew
Westgate, Stephen
Weston, James
Wheelock, George W.
Whelden, Silas H.
Whitaker, James H.
White, Charles A.
White, Henry
White, Henry
White, John A.
White, William S.
Whitehead, Thomas
Whiting, Abel H.
Whiting, Oren T.
Whitman, Joseph M.
Whitney, Charles T.
Whittemore, Eugene
Wilber, James L.
Wilbur, Henry C.
Wilbur, Isaiah T.
Wilbur, Joseph H.
Wilbur, Shepard B.
Wilcox, Benjamin S.
Wilcox, George F.
Wilcox, Henry A.
Wilcox, Henry P.
Wilcox, Marcenah B.
Wilcox, Seth A.
Wilkey, Joshua H.
Wilkie, David
Wilkinson, William
Willcox, Albert M.
Williams, Caleb
Williams, Edmund
Williams, George D.
Williams, Henry A.
Williams, James H.
Williams, John B.
Willis, James F.
Willis, Marcus M.
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, James
Wink, Adam
Winsby, Henry W.
Winslow, Benedict A.
Winslow, Benedict A.
Winslow, John A.
Winslow, Leander
Winter, George F.
Wise, Whitlock
Wiseman, Thomas
Wood, Cyrus
Wood, George H.
Wood, Lemuel C., Jr.
Wood, Thomas F.
Woodcock, Jonas
Wordell, Andrew L.
Worth, Jethro
Wright, Andrew R.
Wright, Edward S.
Wright, Edwin A.
Wright, John B.
Wright, Rufus F.
Wright, William H.
Wright, Zacheus H.
Wrightington, Henry
Wrightington, Thomas W.
Young, Angus W.
Young, Edward C.

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