Caroline Kelley

Caroline Kelley is the first "immigrant" generation we have. She came over from England, and married an Irish immigrant - Matthew Shea.

Born: 1839, England
No Naturalization/shipping records.

Married Matthew Shea on May 13, 1861, Chicopee, MA
Married by George Stearns, Justice of the Peace, Chicopee
Marriage Certificate Version 1
Marriage Certificate Version 2

1880 MA census: "Shay" in Attleboro (V3 E77 S73 L14)
1881 Dir: Jeweler, Pleasant 4th from Gustin
1885 Dir: Jeweler, house Lyman near Spring, A Falls
1889, 1892 same
1890 MA 'Veterans' Census: living in N Attleboro
1903: At husband's death, living at Lyman Street

Pension: Jul 11 1903, widow: Caroline Kelley
Caroline applied for money from his civil war efforts:
NARA cover letter
NARA page 1
NARA page 2
NARA page 3
NARA page 4
NARA page 5
NARA page 6
NARA page 7
NARA page 8

Died: January 9, 1908 (age 65) from pneumonia says in North Attleboro
I can't find Caroline's gravestone - it's not with Matthew's.
Caroline Kelley Shea Death Certificate

Annie M Shea, 1863/4 (where?)
Ellen L Shea, 1867 (where?)
John Patrick Shea, 1870 (where?)
Agnes Shea, 1872 (where?) (never married)
Matthew L Shea, 1875, N. Attleboro - married Katherine Riordan
Daniel F Shea, 1878 (never married)

Find kids' births- asking Catholic churches in the area.
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