Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

12-18-01: The First Letter

Dear Lisa,

It was so GOOD to meet new relatives. Your life seems so exciting compared to our quiet existence. Lynnwood is 84 1/2 and I'm 83 1/2, so things have slowed quite a bit. However, L. is still flying his little I-50 (he was a B26 pilot in WWII). He is feeling much better this year (he almost died last year).

Hopefully, your request will inspire me to recall memories. I always depended upon sister Jane to collect family history. I've always worked (teacher) while she was a home Mom. I assumed that Tony had all of her findings, since he is a genealogist.

Hope you can read this, since I am legally blind and writing poses quite a challenge.

I don't know a click from a mouse, but my daughter-in-law, Kate, is the computer person over the county school system. She may be able to contact you at your internet .com. (Kate does calligraphy too. Yours is pretty.)

My stories will be dull and written. I promise to give it a whirl after the Xmas crunch and the IRS ordeal Jan 15.

Thanks for writing. It was GREAT.

May 2002 be your best yet.


GREAT Aunt Nancy :) I love your smiley faces.

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