Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

03-26-02: Toys

Dear Lisa,

I'm sorry to be so late in answering your nice letter. But ... old age has struck me BIG-TIME. Have been having dizzy spells by the day for the last 3 months. The doctors have not yet determined the specific cause. This along with my vision impairment makes household guests, over-night, a thing of the past.

Have recently helped a good friend to settle into the nursing home, which makes me think the nursing home might not be too far from L & me. Being 84 & 85 could be a lot more jolly time.

To get to the important stuff -- the TOYS of YORE. TOYS? What were those? In those days we had to create our own toys or else!

Uncle Lynnwood seemed to be the most creative toy producer. He loved to play and he didn't let school get in the way of his playing. he still has nightmares where he's back in the schoolroom.

Billy-dog was his best friend. They were inseparable. They enjoyed wrestling when things got dull. Billy always let him win which made him happy.

At neighborhood ball games Billy would always get the ball and deliver it to his best pal, at the chagrin of the other players.

Billy & L would swim together in nearby creeks and ponds. They hunted rabbits etc. Billy seemed to understand everything L said. He was a smart cookie according to L.

Billy-goat was playful too and was always ready to pull the hand made slide or the cart which L had put together from abandoned farm machnery.

L's pony was Black Beauty. he rode Black Beauty to school *every* day come rain or shine, come snow or storm, at the envy of the town boys. His teacher awarded him with a baseball and bat for being the only student with a perfect attendance record. She must have forgotten the paper airplanes he sailed across the room.

Joe had a pony and Jane had a nanny-goat, but they were not treasured as much as L's pets. We depended upon friends playing hide & go seek, pop the whip, cards etc. I spent a lot of time sewing and reading.

Favorite food? Mother would bake a chocolate cake each week-end. The icing, chocolate of course, would run down the sides and I would swipe it up - finger licking good. Of course, mother didn't like it when I tunnelled back under the cake.

Fried chicken was my second choice.

Kind of cows? Beef cows, of course. L does not like the idea of milking for a living.

I would love to read your poetry. I like reading.

I suppose your toys were similar to Ed's (grandsom) He'll be 26 in Oct.

Sorry that I couldn't write sooner. Take care and keep us posted. Love,

:) GREAT Aunt Nancy

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