Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

05-14-02: Her dad

Dear Lisa,

It was so amazing to receive your book along with your newsy letter. I am really working on reading your wonderful book. The print is so small it is about out of my range. Maybe if I can get my reading machine set, I can do better. Your energies and activitise are mind-boggling to this 84 yr old mind.

Before I forget, did you get the Baby Book stuff which Kate had run off for you?

My dizzy spells have subsided some. It is an inner ear condition which means they will be back. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will be glad to see you and Becky, but I have no warning about the dizziness. Things just suddenly start to spin.

The fried chicken was from our own back yard. We could not have afforded to have bought them.

Sounds like you played Pop the Whip too.

I liked to read Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Bears and all of my school books. We could not afford buying books etc. and the library was out of reach.

Dad (Blakely when Mother was out-done - Mr. Blake to the help and H.B. for letters and the like H stood for Horace). As I remember dad: He was a hard working, easy to get along with fellow. He had a small dairy which called for rising at 4am to milk and then at sundown there was a repeat.

That 4am procedure reminds me of an incident at church. Dad went to sleep one morning during the service. Mother punched him with her elbow which caused him to let out a loud expletive which did not blend too well with the sermon. Mother was left speechless of course. Dad must have been a good dancer. He would JOG for us as he headed off to the field. He had a way with joking. I remember once as he was paying for having the brakes of the car tightened the bill was $19 (equivalent to $200 today) he said: "Too Tight!. He liked sports. He played baseball. Jane sent me a picture of his team playing over on the south east coast. Guess they must have been pretty good.

Mother always said about Dad: "Out of sight, out of mind."

Your research on wine sounds interesting. Due to health problems L nor I don't drink any kind of alcohol. Mother was against all alcohol. Dad was a good sport. He probably would join the group. But I never saw him drink alcohol of any sorts.

Your motorcycle activities sound interesting and your fishing boat.

Glad that James is doing so well.

Hope that your work settles down. 24 hrs. on call is too much.

About the disaster zone [i.e. Lisa's house being a complete mess]. That will be great preparation for your trip to Ripley. I keep thinking that I'll do better tomorrow.

Thanks for your nice letter and sharing your lovely poetry.

Love, GREAT Aunt Nancy

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