Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

06-11-02: Chix and Dreams

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for your nice letter and LOVELY pictures. That's a beautiful bunch.

1st things 1st: Warren Lee and Kate will be out of town until July 22. So that looks lik ethe last week in July would be the best time for youa nd Becky to plan to drive over. Thought we might work up some picnic foods for lunch the day y'all pick to come and have Kate and Warren Lee to join us for an indoor deal. It's awfully hot here in July and BUGS too.

Thanks for enlarging the type on your letter. It helps a lot.

Am glad that you got the Baby Book stuff.

The red hen for Easter with her chix were real, I'm sure. Our neighbor gave her grandchild hen and chix this Easter. I have no idea about the bird gift.

I'm afraid I didn't dream about the future. Everything was rather realistic in those days.

Yes our source of light was an oil lamp. We got electricity while I was in college at UT, Knoxville.

At night we navigated in the dark.

During my college years, at Christmas I worked at a dime store. I was never more tired. After college I took on the job of Home Demonstration Agent. That was to help farm women to learn about Home Management.

I didn't date much in High School. But in college, I never saw as many boys in my life. We enjoyed dancing a lot. We went to the movies when we could get up the money. This was during the Great Depression. 1940-43, my college years.

We hope that you and Becky can work in a visit between July 22 and 31. We will be looking forward to seein gyou. Take care. Love, Great Aunt Nancy

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