Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

07-05-02: Punishments

[this was in response to me emailing her a transcript of Dad & Becky talking about their memories]

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for your letter and THE discussion. It was a lot of fun.

Punishment? There was this Razor Strap which men used to sharpen their razors. It was about 4" x 16" as I recall. I find that a child's memory is quite different from adult realities. I just remember 2 encounters with the strap. One time Joe was the guilty party and I got the strap and one time was for being noisy with a bunch of young ones. We all got IT. It seemed that there was no discussion. The STRAP said it all.

Music? I don't remember a radio or record player. Mother was turned off music when she was forced to take piano while her brothers were not.

Have never read "Men are like street cars." Sounds good.

Did not hear abou tthe rianbow problem between the Devil and his wife.

Didn't know about Jane and the tip of her pie.

Jane was 6 1/2 years younger than I. She and Joe roamed the countyside. I was a house cat. Jane said I was born OLD. So I guess I missed out on lots of things.

Don't know "E". Cordie helped with the washing at my era. Washing was no little task. Every Mon. morning, Cordia would come and make a fire under the wash pot. She and Mother would scrub everything on the wash-board. The clothes were boiled in the washpot. Everything was hung on the clothes-line. And ther ewas heating black irons to iron ALL the clothes. They were heated on a wood burning stove.

Don't know about a VISION.

Will be looking forward to seeing you.

Warren and Kate are in Fla.

Thanks again for your letter.

Love, Great Aunt Nancy

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