Great Aunt Nancy Grammer

11-19-02: Listen to the Radio

Nancy Jane's line is a mystery to me too and to mother. Sorry I don't know Mr. Thompson. I was in Ripley at that time. Mother's hospitalization was probably when she had 5 feet of her intestines removed.


Sayings: We frequently quote Tony who said it often doing the day - "Doin' Mamaw?"

And we quote Mamaw's saying - "I *can* listen to the radio and iron."

And we quote Joe often. He and R.P. were both about 4 years old. They were participating in a children's program at church. It was Christmastime. R.P. was really Joe's uncle, but they were more like brothers. It was R.P.'s time to come on.

He started off robustly - Dear Santa Claus -- Dear Santa Claus -- Dear Santa Claus. After the 3rd effort, in his deepest 4 yrs old voice Joe said demandingly, "Sit down R.P." R.P. sat down and the congregation roared. They liked that a lot better than the intended contribution.

Guess this is more than I know.

Always enjoy your letters.

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