Great Aunt Nancy Grammer


Regarding Easter eggs: the church ladies would furnish the eggs and have an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

Regarding Blakely's shifts. He was a farmer most of his life. But as he grew older, he left the harder farm work for becoing a guard for a government institution - arsenal, I think. In Huntsville, Ala. That was after I had all grown-up and moved away from home.

Lisa had written: There seems to be a great deal of talk about chickens in her diaries ? She’s always dressing chickens, and at one point it says "Town late to hunt chix. No luck." I imagine she was looking for chickens to buy? The next day she bought 25 red ones. I sort of thought chickens would make more chickens by themselves and you wouldn’t have to buy any. So she’d buy baby chickens, raise them and then eat the eggs and eventually eat the chickens? Why not just have a rooster and make your own baby chickens? And when she says dressing chickens, does that mean she killed one and was plucking out its feathers to make into fried chicken? So she’d go out back with the axe herself and just hack off its head?

You have figured out the chicken dressing quite accurately.

Lisa had written: I was also interested that the diary covers many people getting married - RP, Joe, and you. But in all of them she just sort of mentions the event but not a big build-up to it, like you would see nowadays. Nowadays a wedding takes a year or more to plan and has many, many details. I guess in war-time and with not a lot of money things were more low key back then. But was it not an event that parents went to? Would the male go to the parent’s house to ask for the female’s hand, or was it more that the two ‘youngsters’ decided to do it and went ahead and did it? It seemed for Joe that she didn’t even really know until afterwards.

You have figured uot the wedding picture too. Our weddings were during the war and money was still scarce. The boys were heading for the front lines. So dresses and apparel was insignificant.

Mother was over-heated once and therefore suffered mroe than most from heat. You were probably reading about times when we had no electricity - no fans or air-conditioning.

Yes, Mother was high-strung, but as you see she had lots to contend with.

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