Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Jan 1: Cloudy and rain in PM. Rained hard most of night - hot - feel sad - Hello New Year. Hope you'll be good to us - Ironed, washed a little, cooked black eyed peas for dinner. Read til 9:30pm.

Jan 2: Alternate sun and clouds. Too hot for fire - cut Jane blouse from B's whit shirt - also white slip. Rained in night. Sent Joe Lucile's gift - wrote Joe and Lucile.

Jan 3: B. bought 2 more turkeys. Joe 20 today - rain very early. Turned cold and clear before noon. Finished Jane's slip, then read - Jane stayed in town til gave - went with Lester.

Jan 4: Big frost - clear and cold. Cleared up - town are PM and to Mrs Twitty's dinner and cards tonight. OES auditing com meeting.

Jan 5: SS & Church in am. Clear and very cold all day. Ate dinner in town. Doc, Rudy and Mrs Ward here all PM. Cooked supper and radio til 9:30. Slept fairly.

Jan 6: Clear and very cold. No washing and having chills. Sent hay and turkeys to ridge place. B. in town all day. I worked on covering quilt.

Jan 7: Lizzie Briggs washed for me. Not so cold and clear. Finished quilt - B. out most of day trading - bought Hank Swinford's place. Hens laying pretty good.

Jan 8: 2nd card from Nancy. Cold and beautiful day. Ironed in AM. B. went town til noon. Cut wood in PM. Worked on comfort. Cut Jane pink slip.

Jan 9: Cloudy mostly - some wind and cold. Finished comfort. Card from Joe. B took Margaret S. to new home - drizzled late PM.

Jan 10: Cold and clear. B. hauled wood all day. Cow tester spent night. Hand worked on Jane's slip all spare time. Jane date Lester.

Jan 11: Jane went to see James Phogan in PM. Some clouds, sunshine and wind. Cleared up - dressed chicken made cake. B town in AM. Town with Matilda and to Elgie Smithie funeral PM.

Jan 12: Big big frost - clear and beautiful. SS & church in AM. Message about Press sick in PM. Sat up date to hear further - no word all night - slept on couch.

Jan 13: B had round with Rufus Sisk. Beautiful and cold this AM. E. washed - bart wood at house AM town PM. Wire from Mildred early PM. Very little sleep - warmer.

Jan 14: Ironed and mended in AM. Lots of flu, colds etc. Some clouds and some sun warmer. Old Allen for dinner. B. took Hawk's folks to town for deed in PM. I went town late PM - hair cut 065

Jan 15: Rained lots last night and on in AM. B went town and to Swingford place PM. Sent wire to Mildred in Selma - she had left. Rain along all day and night.

Jan 16: Wade Steckman called early to read Mildred's card sent Mon. Gloomy day - some rain and windy too. B. gone to put windows in Swingford house (new toy). Nothing to do. Bed early - slept well.

Jan 17: Gloomy and little cooler. Letter from Doc, Lucile and Nancy. Read paper etc. all PM. Jane went to show with Lester. her picture came.

Jan 18: Got quilts for Mildred from quilters. Cold and dreary - tried to snow but didn't. Town in AM to pay bills - Cora had special from Mildred A.L.A. in PM. Sick all night - stomach.

Jan 19: Cold but clear. B and Jane went to SS - lots of people sick no church. Read an lay around all PM. Lester to see Jane tonight.

Jan 20: Wrote Nancy - Lucile - Press' doctor. Very cold but clear. E washing. Letter at last from Mildred. Hemmed on her quilt in PM. B went Horwell to look sheep in AM.

Jan 21: Ironed in AM. Finished quilt and cooked dinner for old Allen Ladice brought OES coffee. Wrote Mildred. Red in PM and idled around.

Jan 22: Rainy - got sausage meat from Walter. Old Allen for dinner. Red and lay around in PM. Bed early - slept fairly.

Jan 23: Cards from Joe and Mildred. "M" - cloudy and warm. Allen for dinner. Cutting wood at house. Clyde came out with saw in PM. Radio went bad late PM. Rain in night.

Jan 24: Sunshine and clouds alternatively. Rain before day, hard. Laura called Long Distance early. Letter to Joe - Clyde Wilker and Allen for dinner. Sawing wood - Jane date Lester - R.P. out

Jan 25: RP in financial strait. Mostly clear and cool. B went town early to talk RP etc. I made cake, candy and cleaned up all AM. B back town tonight. Reading Moby Dick.

Jan 26: Cloudy and rainy all day. B and Jane went SS and brought Cora, Mildred and her husband back for dinner. We went Press' place in PM. Lester to see Jane tonight.

Jan 27: Cloudy and cold. E washed. B in town all day working on RP's trouble. Reading Main Street by Levers all spare time.

Jan 28: B in town all day having car fixed. Cloudy and cold still. Ironed in AM read and radio all spare time. David took Jane to Blanche to ball game tonight.

Jan 29: Cloudy and cold. B went Ridge places in AM. Finished "Main Street" tonight. B in town in PM. Looking bad for RP.

Jan 30: Beautiful AM frost and fog with sun almost shining. Cold rain late PM. B cutting wood at house all day. I read some in Moby Dick. Worried a lot about RP and Joe - bad dream Joe.

Jan 31: Still worried and nervous and afraid of something. Cold and clear most of day. Lucy and I went Huntsville and bummed all day. Bought Jane hat and bag. Home late - Jane ball game Lester.

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