Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Feb 1: Big frost - clear and some clouds. B had corn crushed early. Lizzie over early to straighten tales. B and Jane in town PM - B back tonight.

Feb 2: Cloudy and drizzly. Groundhog did not see shadow - SS and church in AM - hospital to see Mr Higgins and by to see Iva Mae house all PM. Charles Bledsoe out late PM

Feb 3: B went town early and came back for me about 11:30. Went dentist for filing. Bed early and not sleeping well these days. High wind and cold - letter from Doc and Mildred, Card from Joe.

Feb 4: Big frost - clear and beautiful. Saw Knox Hutchinson. RP's business almost gone. E washing. Wrote letter to Gore for Mr. Bledsoe and one to Nancy. B and I went to Dairy Banquet tonight. Jane went ball game with David.

Feb 5: Beautiful day. Ironed in AM. Mended all PM. B went dairy school and tractor demonstration. David brought Jane home from school.

Feb 6: Man down from Flintwill to sell tractor and lock stock. Clouds and sunshine - windy. B hunted down and went to look at sheep. David brought Jane home from school. Nothing to do. Bed early.

Feb 7: Silver wedding anniversary. Box Whitman's candy from B. B went to Art Moore's tonight. Cold sleet wind early then clear. B in town all day - started hemstitching pillow cases. Cow tester for supper - Jane to ball game David.

Feb 8: Cold - light snow on ground when we got up. Cow tester for breakfast - cleared up and cooked cake. B in town all day and back tonight. Sent Joe card.

Feb 9: Cold and clear - expected call from Nancy & Joe but was disappointed. Feel very old - 48 today. SS and church in AM. B went to hunt sow this PM. No luck. Heard Churchill speak. Jane and I taking cold.

Feb 10: Clear and cold again. Cold little better. Jane went to school. E. Washed. B hunted sow. No luck. Letter from Nancy and check for bank.

Feb 11: Clear and cold again but little warmer. B went to court early. Did not iron - cold about same. Lay down most of PM. Went OES took Mary Bledsoe - car trouble - Jane ball game.

Feb 12: Finished second handkerchief for B from sax. Ironed part of clothes AM. B back at court and finished up. Cold not so well - some warmer. Not much sleep all night. Clear most of day.

Feb 13: Frost due in May. Rain most of day. Worked on pillow cases. B went town for roosters in PM. Heavy thunder tonight - rain hard - slept better.

Feb 14: Dark and dreary all day. Cold wind from NW. Sewed on p cases all spare time. B shod mares. Jane went to Huntsville instead of game. We sat up til after 1 - worried to death. Lester with Jane.

Feb 15: "M". Clear, cold - big frost. B went early to find sow over river. Jane to 4-H club to make mattress. B and I to town 11am. Aux meeting PM.

Feb 16: Cold and clear. Went SS and church in AM. B and I went to Jan Phagan's in PM. Cooked supper - radio and to bed about 8:30. Bad dreams and disturbed sleep - about Tiny baby, David etc.

Feb 17: Windy, clear and cold. B went to ridgeplace to work all day. E washing. Called MJ Gray and fussed in PM. Bed early - slept poorly. Charles came home PM.

Feb 18: Made cake for Charles early. Ironed some - mailed second entry in Ivory Soap contest. Tractor men from Lewisburg here til 9pm

Feb 19: Very cold - clear mostly. Washed some, ironed and mended. Charles spent day. B in town all ay on George Brigg's trial. Mrs. Bonner and children out little while.

Feb 20: Cold and cloudy - finished ironing in AM. Jane and Lester went to Hi School play. Red and sewed on p cases.

Feb 21: Up early. Made cake for Bingo prize. Worked most of day at Legion bldg. Anne Moore came this AM. All and Lester went Bingo Party.

Feb 22: Made cake for Cora. Cleaned cooked dinner. Awfully tired. Jane and Anne to town in PM. B to town tonight - Anne sent letter to school. No mail.

Feb 23: Still clear and very cold for time of year. SS and church in AM. Cooked dinner. B and I took Anne home. B went to committee meeting and church tonight. Charles left tonight.

Feb 24: Cloudy and cold - E washing. Sewed and read. B called to town about RP's case. Hub out little while. Ben brought oil for tractor. Snowed some late.

Feb 25: Cold - alternate clouds and sun. Ironed some - Planted garden. Matilda and I rode milk truck in to see "Gone with the Wind" second time. B went church meeting night.

Feb 26: Rain all along day and night. Rainy and cold. B went town early to keep Bill S collect. Letter from Joe and 1 from Shirley. Jane stayed at Cora's for tournament. May Sloan called from Huntsville tonight.

Feb 27: Rain snow clouds. Not so cold. 2 in snow in night. Cleared up most of day. B cleared hay house etc in AM. No work in PM. Mary Sloan came. She and Jane to ball game.

Feb 28: Snow on ground, some sun. Some clouds. cold too. Jane and Mary went school. B in house all day. Churned finished p cases. Jane, Lester, Mary and Hollis F went tournament. Sent Joe night letter.

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