Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Mar 1: Some snow still on - sun shining but cold. Cleared up some - Jane and Mary slept til noon - then went to town. Went to tournament with Lester and Mevil Whit. B in town all day and back tonight.

Mar 2: Talked to Joe early AM. Warm sunshine. SS and church in AM. Cooked dinner - they came for Mary late PM. No one in all day. Cora went to Nashville late. Mildred sick - hot tonight.

Mar 3: Warm - thunder, lightning, and heavy rain and wind all night. Rained along all day. Windy too. Spent day with Lucy and sewed on blue dress of Alma's. Home about 4:30. Stormed all night.

Mar 4: Cloudy cold windy. E started washing late and mad. Sent Joe's papers and letter to Nancy. Made 2 lunch cloths.

Mar 5: Ironed all AM. Cool and beautiful. B making brooder house. Jackson, teacher out late PM re: Lewis. Read after supper. Jane drew house plans.

Mar 6: Cloudy and warmer. B worked on brooder house most of day. Took Uncle Ed to town noon. Started raining after supper and on all night. Bad dreams re: Mrs. Ventress. Jane excited about cooties.

Mar 7: Still raining and warm. B finished brooder house in PM. I read and lazed around most of day. Cow tester for supper - Jane went movies Lester.

Mar 8: Cow tester for breakfast. Rain turned to snow early - colder. B town in AM and back tonight. Jane went to ball game tonight.

Mar 9: Pledge day at church to lift debt. SS and church. Cora home with us for lunch and til we went back to church tonight. Lester to see Jane tonight.

Mar 10: E late to wash. We had a racket. Windy and some clouds. B went town in PM. Stormed mid PM. Bed early - slept poorly. Geo's clothes came in mail.

Mar 11: Windy and colder but clear. Ironed. B to town 10:30am. Back 1:30. Bills out for sale of Gift Shop. OES tonight - Deacon's meeting earlier.

Mar 12: Warmer and clear. Washed sweaters etc for Jane. B cutting bushes. Town at noon to sew for Red Cross. Home late.

Mar 13: "M" Snowed and rained along all day. Cloudy and warm. B to town to fix income tax in AM. Sewing on Red cross baby gowns at home until late night.

Mar 14: Clear an cold - windy too. Finished Red Cross sewing. CLeaned up. B to town in PM to finish income tax and RP's affairs. Martha Boyd spent night. Jane and Martha went to movies with Lester and Chester Barnes.

Mar 15: Cold and cloudy. B went early to see about selling RP's cows. He and I went town 9am . Rained all day. Jane and Martha came town PM. Aux meeting - B back town tonight. Pres. Roosevelt spoke over radio 8:30pm - I was too sleepy to listen.

Mar 16: SS and church in AM. Cleared by noon. Home all PM. Read and slept. Jane washed hair. Lester came to see her tonight. Bed early.

Mar 17: Clear and bitter cold - windy too. E washing earlier this PM. Jane went picture show. B went in late. Got coat from cleaner. Hick called to say he's going to Doc's tomorrow.

Mar 18: Hick for breakfast. Up early. Hick and I left for Doc's 6:30 home 7:30pm. Nice time. Doc pulled 1 tooth, filled one and cleaned all. Slept well. Clear and cold, windy too.

Mar 19: Clear - not quite so cold and not windy. Ironed part of clothes AM. Felt badly all day. Cut 1/2 bag potatoes to plant. Lay around lots. Bed early - slept well - sweet dreams F

Mar 20: Joe to start home from Fla today. Warmer and some cloudy. Finished ironing. B went town to see about selling RP's cattle etc. I carried in lots wood. Bed 9 PM.

Mar 21: Cleared up some. Still cloudy and warmer. B sold last of RP's cattle. I made Pressa cake. Jane and Lester to show tonight.

Mar 22: No Joe today. Rain tonight. Up early got Jane off to Nashville with Largens to Beta club convention. Rummage sale for ALA. Tired tonight. B back to town.

Mar 23: SS and then to Baptist church for sermon. Ate lunch in town. Went to Ben's while Cora came out with us. RP brought Jane home. Lester to see Jane tonight. B had to take Cora home after supper. Cloudy all day - rain tonight.

Mar 24: Drizzling rain this AM. B in town til noon. Joe came in about 1pm. Clothes arrived by mail today. Turned cold.

Mar 25: Clear and cold and some wind. E washing. Wrote letter, Gore etc. B and Joe to town PM. RP out for supper. he and Joe took girls to show.

Mar 26: Beautiful day. B gone to ridge to work. Joe to town. Ironed in AM. Worked in yard some in PM. Joe stayed with RP til late in night.

Mar 27: Cloudy and cold. Windy too. Joe went Nashville. B in town all PM. Gift Shop sold. Sewed on blue dress all spare time. Nancy didn't call.

Mar 28: Clear and cold. Discing 8a with tractor. Joe didn't come back. Jane and Lester went to movies. Tried to rain in PM.

Mar 29: Clear and cold again. All to town PM. Had hair washed. Joe home B Jane and I to Boonskill to FB Recreation meeting tonight. Very cold.

Mar 30: All to SS and church in AM. Joe took us to lunch at City Cafe. Ina's family and Maurice Forker folks here in PM. Joe dating tonight. Clear and not so cold - some wind - yearly pledge day at church. Lester to see Jane tonight.

Mar 31: Cloudy and much warmer. B to swingford place to work early. E washing. Rained about mid PM. B to town late, now with Frank over RP. Joe spent night with RP. B to Deacon's meeting night.

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