Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Apr 1: Ironed part of clothes. Put cuffs on blue dress. Schoolhouse for dinner in H. Ec class. B worked on Swingford place again. Joe date tonight. Cloudy early - cleared later. Warm.

Apr 2: Joe and I cleared front yard in AM. I worked on back some in PM. Planted flowers and more vegetables in garden. RP out for supper. Clear and warm.

Apr 3: Cloudy and warm. Cleaning more in yard. Joe in town all day working on car. He got call to go Apr 7. Thomas out for supper. Joe spent night with him. Jane got new white school shoes. Rain all night and PM.

Apr 4: B sold bags and went town AM. I cleaned and made cake. E helped clean. Hard rain about noon. Some sun and clouds. Storm about 3pm. Hail - wind - Joe and Jane to movies.

Apr 5: Boiled ham. Killed turkey. Cleaned up. Nancy came in about 12:30. She and Jane and Joe to town PM. Joe and B back tonight. Tired. Made boiled custard.

Apr 6: Big turkey dinner - Doc, Rudy, Hub, RP and Thomas for dinner. Nancy left at 3pm. Joe in town till most of PM.and night. Feel sad after all left tired too. All to bed early.

Apr 7: E washing. B and Walter gone to Swinford place to clean up thicket. Joe slept late - town in PM. Cow tester and RP for supper. Joe and RP to Columbia. Joe's last day at home this time - he and RP left about 7:30 for Columbia for dance and then on to Chatt.

Apr 8: Ironed part of clothes. Very blue all day. Studied OES in PM. RP came back late PM. Joe was to leave Chattanooga 2:455am. OES tonight - served as W.M. Myra came home Jane from 8th Dist play tonight.

Apr 9: "M" Finished ironing. Some clouds. Joe is to arrive Atlanta at 7 this AM. Cut and sewed on slip for E. Aired and cleaned Joe's bed and clothes.

Apr 10: Dyed dress etc. No luck AM B town in AM Jane spent night Myra and went 8th Dist commencement. B and I to see "Tobacco Road".

Apr 11: Early fixed lunch and took to Concord for Quarterly meeting. Tonight went with Matilda to Ross Ashurs' Mr. Templeton dead. Jane and Lester to show - B to dairy meeting. RP had card from Joe. He's to start training today.

Apr 12: Cooked 2 egg custards early. Cleared up. B and I to town in PM. Saw foot doctor - Jane sewing on pajamas home project. B back town tonight. Letter from Joe - sent him letter and paper. Hot today. Ira broke arm in PM.

Apr 13: Easter. Beautiful day. clear and warm. SS and church in AM. Lunch at City Cafe. Went to see Lucy and Aunt Donie's in PM. Lester over tonight.

Apr 14: E washing. Another pretty day. Letter from Joe. B sowing jap. Read some, mended etc. Bed early.

Apr 15: Ironed some early. Fixed Joe's box and ordered Jane's 3 pictures. Planted petunias in PM. B too tired go to Deacon's and Elders meeting.

Apr 16: Finished weekly ironing. Heated brooder house but got no chix. Jane sewed after school and spent night with Myra. Bed early. Fixed dirt in porch boxes and cleaned back yard.

Apr 17: Letter from Joe - seems discouraged. Ironed some summer dresses. Cut my pink house dress. Anne E out for greens in AM. Jane called Mary Sloane tonight. B worked on Swinford place.

Apr 18: Finished pink dress. B on Swinford place til noon then to town. Got 52 chix. RP out for supper. Jane to Rotary Carnival with Lester. B took Hastys to Dr tonight.

Apr 19: Made cake and cleaned up early. B and I to town in PM. Jane sewing on breakfast coat. She and B to carnival tonight. ALA in PM. No Gift Shop for me. Rain in night.

Apr 20: Rain in AM. SS in AM to Baptist Church for sermon. All went to Ira's in PM and saw ridge places. Lester over tonight. Cooler. Slept fairly. RP back to Memphis.

Apr 21: E. Washing. B sowing jap planted 5A bottom in corn. I made 2 sheets in PM mended etc. Jane sewed after school - working breakfast coat.

Apr 22: Ironed part of clothes in AM. Cut and made pink sun suit size 2. Bed early. Slept fairly. Hungry all day - 10th week of dirt - losing little.

Apr 23: RP 21 today. Mother died 25 years ago. Made Joe devil food cake in AM. Put buttons on sun suit. Rain along during day and night. Bed early. Rained hard late AM and midday.

Apr 24: B on farm tour all day. I sent off Joe's box. Cut and almost made Jane new white blouse. Jane dyed cloth, finished sewing etc. Cloudy and cool all day. Letter from Nancy.

Apr 25: Wrote Nancy, Joe, A Gore, Hatchery sent Buddy farm pictures and Ruby a picture of Nancy. B turning silage ground - got letter from Joe - sewed more on Jane's blouse - Jane and Lester to movies. Cool - chickens doing fine.

Apr 26: Cool and pleasant. Cleaned up - made 2 custards - dressed chicken. Jane went to school to sew in AM. She took calomel tonight. B town tonight.

Apr 27: Up early and got dinner on way. Went with Mrs. Bonner to Adams and OES meeting in Nashville. Very splendid day. B to SS. Jane finished dinner. She felt bad from calomel.

Apr 28: B fixed sun porch for chix. Cut old white ?? blouse for Jane. She came home mad at teacher and pupils. Bad dreams - blue. Had nap after lunch - corn planted in big field around well. Card from RP.

Apr 29: Cooked first greens. Had second onions and few radishes. E washed. Sewed on Jane's blouse PM. She went fish hatchery with Chem. class. 8A bottom started planting PM. Jane spent night with Cora.

Apr 30:B gone to Parkinson place to make turkey coop. Ironed in AM. Wrote letter to IMH this AM Jane went to another picnic - bio class. B went for her tonight. Warming up lots - had hot feet tonight. No sleep til 12. Planting 8A this PM - finished.

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