Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

May 1: B back to P place again. Have Fred for diner every day. Finished blouse for Jane and bleached it. Started planting 10A this PM. Nap after noon. Jane took all sewing to school.

May 2: Washed little. Cooked inner and went to home ec display. Jamie andPhillip out at noon. Jane took medicine and bed early. Assa Pitts out in AM to fix lights.

May 3: Time to go dentist - postponed to Sept 18th. Cleaned up in AM. Jane town early to get hat fixed and new shoes. B and I town in PM. Fixed porch boxes late. B and Jane town tonight.

May 4: Went SS and then to Commencement sermon. Jane ushered. Took Homer's folks and Cora. B and I went to Nora's in PM. Home late. Bed early - sleeping better - cool at night.

May 5: Cloudy mostly and hot. Buddy is 13 today. Dick's Buddy. E washed - B sheared sheep. B town early. Sent off consent for Joe - Jane last day at school - exempt from all exams. Hot feet terrible in PM.

May 6: Ironed in AM. B to town to go to Tullahoura but came home about 9:30am. Jane had to walk home. She cut and made pink shirt. Sprinkled during night. Cloudy all day.

May 7: Showering little this AM. Jane went to school. Cooler. new cow tester Tisdale for supper. Tired - late supper - bed. Wrote Nancy and RP

May 8: Cow tester for breakfast. Still feel awful - hip hurting. Made Joe cake early and jam - then E and I cleaned my bedroom. Jane to school and English class picnic in PM. B and I to Senior Play tonight. Rain.

May 9: Jane went last day school. Home by noon. I slept most of PM. RP out for supper. Jane and Lester ushered for graduation. B went after culvipacker. Cooler after rain last night. Clear - using tractor on Willie's cotton ground.

May 10: Cleaned up yard too. Back still hurting. B and I to town in PM. RP out for supper again. He's very blue. B back to town. Read late. Cold.

May 11: SS and church in AM. Cooked lunch and spent PM at Wm Smith's B and Jane to Parkinson place. Joe called me tonight. Bed early. Sick all last night. Feel terrible today. Lester to see Jane tonight.

May 12: Old E playing off sick. Can't wash. I felt terrible all day. B working in old Wilie's cotton ground. Jane read all day. $5 in card from Nancy.

May 13: E washing and mad as usual. B sold lambs and helped with sale. Jane drove in for him at noon. Myra walked home with her and spent night. First lamb day. First peas. B and I went OES late. Jane and Myra to movies. Blue after meeting - hurt.

May 14: Ironed in AM. Dinner for Allen and Myra. Warmer and cloudy in PM. Myra walked home late PM. Bed before supper - hip hurting all time now. Letter from Joe.

May 15: E cleaned back 3 rooms. My hip hurting bad. Moved calf house up for white chix. Allen for dinner again. Hands cutting turnip top. Scrubbed brooder house.

May 16: B town early. Sold white hens $9.35. Got 105 brown leghorn chix. Cooked strawberry preserves. Allen for dinner. B worked on Swinford place all PM. Allen cleaned chicken houses in PM.

May 17: Canned 3 pts strawberry preserves. Made cake AM. B and I to town in PM. Took Mrs. Bonner cats - Aux little while in PM. B back town tonight. Missed rug at Temp's. Jane and Lester to movies tonight. L - in - night.

May 18: SS and church in AM. Quick lunch. Jane and I to Mrs Grays in PM. B over to Homer's to see about calves. Lester to see Jane tonight.

May 19: Hot and dry. E washed. Nancy sent corn cutter and card. Set tomatoes. Had mad fit. B plowed up my flowers. Bed early - cried.

May 20: Big ironing in AM. B sold wool. Jane town PM. 4-H picnic tonight. She spent night with Myra. Made sack towels PM. Sent order CMO - wrote RP and Nancy.

May 21: Cleaning living room. E helping. Painted worn spots on floors. B and Jane to town in PM. made 3 pts strawberry preserve tonight. L - in for second time.

May 22: Painted floors most of AM. Very hot and dry. Waxed furniture etc all PM. Tried to rain in PM but didn't. Bed before dark - very tired. Jane drove town in PM and got driver's license. RP came in PM to town.

May 23: B town in AM re RP's trial about farm. Finished cleaning. E waxed floors. Canned 10 pts pear in PM. Jane and B to Parkinson place in PM.

May 24: Cleaned up and went town early - sold poppies all day. Tired at night. Jane and B went town tonight. Cooler today and night but very dry.

May 25: SS and church in AM. Lunch at City Cafe. Mr and Mrs Gray and Mr Ferret spent PM with us. Very hot. Lester to see Jane tonight. She was mad.

May 26: E washed this AM. I canned 9 pts pears. RP out for lunch. Hot as everything. RP went back to Memphis. He was blue and didn't want to go. No word from Joe in more than 2 weeks. I 3 times tonight. L in 2 times.

May 27: Ironed early. worked up 2 gal cherries. Canned 2 qts - 3 pts preserves. Read and mended in PM. Bed early. Took off 12 brown l chix.

May 28: Made 5 glasses cherry jelly. Canned 1 pt peas and shelled more. SO hot all day could hardly live. Bed early. Joe called tonight.

May 29: Jane drove town for groceries and to wire money to Joe - Joan Parkes came home with her for day. They went to Ruth Eddins to wiener roast. Close and hot early this AM. Joe came home after midnight. L. in 3 times night.

May 30: B and Joe to town PM and Jane to Myra's Big rain 3:30pm. Much cooler. slept fine. Joe and Thos went to movies. Called Nancy in PM. Another scorcher - made cake and dressed 2 driers early - E washed Joe's clothes.

May 31: Churned and dressed old brown hen. Went to Legion bldg to decorate at 9am. Cooked dinner after 12. hot again. Cloudy most of day. had to clean up PM. Joe to town PM. B hunted tobacco plants. All to ALA soldier party.

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