Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Jun 1: B took Joe and Bob Stone to Deckerd to catch train for Atlanta 12 - Lester to see Jane tonight. 3 times - L in 2 grand. Myra to SS and church with me and Jane. B had car trouble coming home. Miss Jamie Kennedy drove us home. Myra and 2 soldiers for dinner. Myra spent night.

Jun 2: No washing done. E had to set tobacco. Old Hasty and Allen for dinner. Myra spent day too. very hot. Feel sick and weak all time. Can hardly stand heat. L. in 2 tonight. Slept fine.

Jun 3: Jane off to Nashville early. No washing yet. E. still setting tobacco. Town in PM to help fix Mason supper. Jane spent night Cora's. Rained little 3pm and 3 small showers in night.

Jun 4: Jane came home in AM from Cora's. I went over to see Lizzie Briggs little while PM. Having Jim Hasty everyday for dinner. Cooler this AM and clear. E washing - B cutting wheat.

Jun 5: Big ironing in AM. Hasty and Allen for dinner. Nice and cool. Cutting wheat combining crimson. Mended. Card from Joe. Newberry pie for dinner. Nancy's breakfast coat came - 3 times night L in 2

Jun 6: Still nice and cool. Washed several nice things early and ironed. Dinner for Allen and Hasty. Got hot by noon. Hurt arm in smoke house late. Mr. Bledsoe out while late. I went bed early.

Jun 7: Nancy called at supper to say she couldn't come home. Blue and disappointed. B to town tonight and Jane and Lester to show. Finished crimson, wheat, etc. Made Nancy's birthday cake. Early dressed her etc. Killed 2 little friers after noon. Jane drove town PM.

Jun 8: SS and church in AM. Showered a little during day. Clyde and Mary Wilkes out while in PM. Wrote letters. Nancy 23 today. Lester took Jane to see relatives tonight. Bed early.

Jun 9: Awfully hot day. E washed. Sent Nancy's birthday box. Had fried chicken for dinner. B and Jane to town in PM. Bed early. Turning hay land with tractor.

Jun 10: Ironed early AM. B started court. I went town PM. Got B birthday gifts - stayed in OES. Mrs. Locker's father died. Ruth Broadway went show with Jane.

Jun 11: "M" in AM. Felt bad - back to bed. B still at court. In bed most of day. Cow tester for super. Took calomel tonight. Cooler - slept better. Jane cut green and white check skirt.

Jun 12: Cow tester for breakfast. Took oil early - cooked breakfast and back to bed. Up to fix little lunch. Jane finished skirt and went town PM to study AAA with Martha Phillips. B not in court today. Bed early. Feeling badly.

Jun 13: Blakely 53 today. Henry Phillips 62. Brown chix sick - several dead this AM. Cleaned chick house - letter from Nancy. Jane to stand AAA exam and B back to court this AM. I made B angel cake and dressed frier. Jean Holman out re: Hasty. Jane made 97 on 3A.

Jun 14: Rained in night last night and this AM. More chix dead. Jane took Nancy's check to pay bank in PM. B also went town PM and night. I called Ripley lent Nancy and Lynnwood Grammar already on way - arrived about 8pm.

Jun 15: No help to cook dinner Lynnwood came out early. He, Nancy and B drove around. Lester also came for dinner. He took Jane to Mary Sloan's tonight in Huntsville. B had to do all milking along - bed late - tired.

Jun 16: Old E. playing sick - had to get Cordie to help cook dinner for thesher. She washed in PM. White chix sick now. Very blue and tired too. Bed late. Thresher finished about 4PM.

Jun 17: Had 7 hands again for dinner. Helping Mr. Love thresh. No help at all today. B and I went in at 10am to Chas Bledsoe's mother's funeral - hurried back - got medicine for chix - ironed some.

Jun 18: Finished ironing early. Have swing box for dinner now. Getting hot again. Mr Rast from ??? came out to see sick chix. B fixed wire pen for them PM. Very blue over them.

Jun 19: Lot more chix dead. So blue I cried all AM. RP came home. Had old Hasty and Swing for dinner. Went to see Lizzie Briggs in PM. She had heart attack. Card from Joe and letter from Jane.

Jun 20: Hot - cleaned yard AM. chix still dying. B went town about 8:30am re: RPs lawsuit. home for dinner. Old Hasty and Swing for dinner. Read papers all PM. Blue - blue - blue.

Jun 21: Cleaned up in AM. Swing quit mid AM. Old Hasty for dinner. Town soon after dinner. Caught ride Talked and Vallies and Jane at noon - ALA in PM. Home late withJesie L Hayes. B to Homer Rowe's fish fry.

Jun 22: Ss and church in AM. Lunch at Blue Moon - to Massey Coleman's funeral at Harme at 1pm. Home rest of PM. Tried to rain but failed - a bit cooler. Lester brought Jane home tonight. RP and Jane out while late PM

Jun 23: Old mean E back on job washing as tho nothing had happened. Had to eat my words and let her work. Cloudy and hot this AM. RP out for dinner. Had Swing hand too Jane to town with RP to see bout job - showered little in PM.

Jun 24: Ironed some in AM. Hot and close. Had Hasty and Swing for diner. Good rain in early PM and cooler. Jane went to Alleris for plums. Chickens better. Read in PM and mended some.

Jun 25: Wrote Nancy a letter re: banknote. Finished ironing in AM. Cooked out plum juice. Very hot - dinner for Swing and Hasty. Jane and I to town in PM. Losing weight steadily. Liquid diet today.

Jun 26: made 10 pts plum jelly and 2 pts preserves in AM. Very hot. 4 hands baling corn. B to town in AM. Has piles bad. Jane made bandana skirt in AM. 4 hands for dinner - tired and sick all PM. hot and miserable.

Jun 27: Still hot this am. Hands are scattering limestone for alfalfa. Wrote Joe a letter - one from him yesterday. 3 hands for dinner. Lay around and read all PM. Could n't sleep tonight. Too hot and nervous. Went to couch in living room.

Jun 28: Sick and worn out this AM. back to bed awhile. Jane finishing white dinity blouse cut yesterday PM. Cleaned up. 2 soldiers over while B and Jane took them back to camp. B and Jane to town tonight. Jane went soldiers street dance.

Jun 29: SS and church. Big rain while in church and another about 3:30pm. Caught in army truck jam at bridge from 12:30 - 3:30. Supposed to fast today. Jane mad at Lester tonight. He came in spite of her fussing.

Jun 30: E washing. B took cattle to ridge place. Hardly able to get up. Back to bed several times. Read and lay around all day. Too hot to live in PM. Miserable. B to town in PM.

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