Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Jul 1: Sent order S to R $3.67. Read depositions re: RPs case. Ironed in AM. Very hot. early PM - Lila, Keifer Franklin wife and Eleanor came. Jane went town late PM. Tried to rain and cooler. Clyde W threshing oats PM.

Jul 2: Brought in onions pulled yesterday. Cooked mustard from garden. Got very hot. Tried to shower twice. B town to take Nancy's note etc. PM. Rained in night hard.

Jul 3: Carried 4 qts blackberries and dressed hen about noon. Had hard ground turned for crimson. Fried chicken and hard early dinner. B to town to help on barbecue in PM. Not so hot today.

Jul 4: Jane took B town early to help with barbecue. Joe came in town about 7:30. Big rain 8:30 - 9:30. Joe, Jane and I to town 10. Too rainy for barbecue. Joe and I went by to see Chas & Mildred a while then home. Joe to dance Lewisburg. B and Jane town.

Jul 5: Cooked good dinner for Joe. He slept til noon. Left on 5:30pm bus for Nashville. Jane and Lester to show tonight. B to Legion meeting. I went to bed before dark - all tired out - much rain.

Jul 6: SS and church - rain early and along til noon - Lester took Jane to Later reunion. Stopped to see Mildred while after church. Burned paid off notes at church ceremony. Meeting started all to church tonight. Clear.

Jul 7: Clear early then rain about 10 and again at 1. E late to wash - clothes out in rain. "M" this AM. B to town PM. canned 2 qts apples. Gertrude R out while in PM. Rain again PM. All to church tonight.

Jul 8: Ironed some - churned and made cottage cheese am. Jane and I to church. Late dinner. Fitted some dresses PM. Weighed and had lost none - must diet harder. B and I to OES - home 11:30pm. Jane to movies.

Jul 9: Finished ironing - dressed chicken in AM. Had headache didn't got to church in AM. Jane went to Myra's at noon. Small rain PM very very hot today. B and I to church tonight. Fine sermon.

Jul 10: Cleaned up early - Jane and Myra came home at noon and sewed our dresses. B and I took MR & Mrs Gray to church tonight. Big rain early PM. Canned 7 qts blackberries PM.

Jul 11: Awfully hot - Canned 8 qts berries PM. B town PM. Jane and Myra sewed. Cow tester supper. Jane, M and I to church town. Dressed 2 chickens made jam and jelly early - Charles and Myra here for dinner. Big rain.

Jul 12: Cow tester for breakfast. Myra went home after noon. She and Jane finished print evening dress. May Sloan came in PM. She, Jane and I to soldier dance at night. Jade devil cake early also jam and jelly. Hot and so tired and nervous.

Jul 13: Up early - dressed chicken, fried corn etc before SS and church. big rain during church and again PM. Been raining 2 weeks almost every day now. Lay around all PM. B and I to last service of meeting tonight. Lester and Kenneth Dotson to see girls.

Jul 14: E washed early for a wonder. Showers all along til mid PM then sunshine. Jane and Mary to town. Jane worked on 4H dress. RP drove from Memphis and had operation tonight. B and I went to hospital. Dorothy Smith spent night too.

Jul 15: Dorothy left after early breakfast. Jane went to 4H club - her dress won no competition. I went to hospital in AM ironed some - Vallie came for Mary in PM. B and I to hospital tonight took Mrs. Hutchinson.

Jul 16: Finished ironing, dressed chicken and corn from garden. Took off 13 chix. Rain in PM. Hot as everything in AM. B and I to hospital to see RP in PM. Bed early - slept fine. Cooler after rain.

Jul 17: Clear this AM and cooler. Cooked dinner and cleaned up in AM. Made Jane over old slip in PM. late PM went to see RP at hospital. Cora went with us. Hard to go to sleep tonight. No rain.

Jul 18: Clear and cool this AM. Letter from soldier, Sgt Kelley. Feel tough today - doing very little. B went to see RP tonight. I slept better.

Jul 19: Cleaned up - dressed chicken in AM. All of us to town before noon - tookMaltilda to hospital to see RP . Aux meeting PM - hot - Jane and B to town tonight.

Jul 20: Cooked dinner before going to SS and church. Jane stayed in at Martha Phillips but the 2 soldiers didn't come. Doc and Rubye came in PM. Rode around to see relatives. Lester here tonight.

Jul 21: Daylight savings time starts here. E late to wash. Hot. Lay around all PM. Bed early - slept very well. Jane collected aluminum.

Jul 22: Ironed in AM. Cooked dinner. Lay around PM. B went to ridge PM. Jane went to Gray's for eggs and tomatoes. Set hen on 16 eggs late PM.

Jul 23: Cooked dinner - chicken corn etc. My liquid day. Jane and I to town in PM. Now weigh 162 1/2. Saw RP a while. Jane and Lester to Concord tonight. Rain in night - some thunder and lightning.

Jul 24: Dawned clear. Got very hot up in day. Cooked dinner - made sherbet etc. B worked on fence between Darins in AM. Lay around hot all PM. Read some - letter from Joe.

Jul 25: Cooked chicken for dinner. Miserably hot day. B to town to buy lunch PM. Jane spent PM Dorothy in town. All to Concord tonight. Slept well - cooler at night.

Jul 26: Dawned hot and clear except fog before sun - cleared some in yard and house. Dressed chicken after noon. Washed hair. B still fencing. Jane went for Dorothy in PM. All went to soldier dance - home late.

Jul 27: SS and church, hour earlier. Dorothy went home. Cora came home with us for dinner. B to ridge place and Cora and I to see Anna McFerrier - very hot. Lester to see Jane tonight and Bledsoe's to see us.

Jul 28: Hot this AM. No washing E has company. Very hot day - Walter did not work. B worked with stock and our fence all day. Jane didn't get to go to work as she hoped. Bed early. Slept well.

Jul 29: Small shower just at dawn. hot too. B took sheep and heifers to ridge place. E washed and mad. Lay in bed most of PM. Think Jane won't get to work.

Jul 30: "M" - 23 days since last. B and RP went to Nashville to see Union Ice Cream Co. Jane and I carried 8 qts peaches. I was sick all AM. Pain in right side. Heat terrible. Had to sleep on couch. Ironed AM.

Jul 31: Canned 1 qt beach berries in AM. Very very hot again. Card from Nancy and letter from Joe. Finished ironing AM. Rain in late PM and turned cooler. Didn't sleep well anyway. "Put out p for dog"

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