Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Aug 1: Carried 8 qts peaches and cooked dinner in AM. B went town AM. Wrote Nancy and Joe. Good rain before day - Box clothes from Nancy. Jane town in PM to get shoes dyed. No sleep hardly at all - cooler.

Aug 2: Not so hot - dressed chicken and cleaned up. B to town in AM. I felt terrible all day. Jane to town in PM to get slippers. Paul Loury brought her home. All went to soldier dance.

Aug 3: SS at our church and later went to Baptist church to hear Capt. Dodd. B and I to ridge places and to see Ov's folks. Jane and Lester to Tullahowa. Lester back tonight. Could hardly sleep.

Aug 4: Hot - picked first beans from garden. Mrs. Hasty brought beans and okra. E washed. Mended some in PM. Read an lay around. Could not sleep tonight - hot and nervous. Hayden Warden dated Jane.

Aug 5: Carried 2 qts tomato juice and 2 qts beans. Ironed part of clothes. A miserably hot day. Big rain came late PM. Lightning close. Rain on in night. Cool tonight. Slept fine.

Aug 6: Finished ironing early - dressed 2 chix. Fixed dinner for company. Jane drove in for Mildred. Ann came in PM. Cut and partly made 2 slips for her. She + Jane to show with Lester and Ventran. No sleep.

Aug 7: Took off 12 brown chix. "Jane met George". Sewed on Anne's slips all Thurs spare time. Very hot. Jane went to Tullahoma with Mrs. Trigg to dance. Anne and I stayed at Cora's til late night.

Aug 8: Hot this AM and clear. Sewed on Anne's slips. She went home in PM. Canned 1 qt tomato juice. Washed Jane's clothes and ironed. SLep better tonight. Cool in night.

Aug 9: Hot as everything this AM. Churned and made cottage cheese. Swept and cooked dinner. Hostess at Aux meeting in PM. B and Jane to town tonight. Nancy came in about 9pm all tired out - slept poorly.

Aug 10: So hot and nervous could hardly live. Cooked dinner. Missed SS and church. Jane went home with Nancy - left early PM. B and I home all PM burning up. Slept better tonight. Kept fan on long time.

Aug 11: E late to wash - B went town in AM. Cooked no dinner - Jane got letter from Geo Waller from Camp Forrest. Rain about noon and late PM. Slept pretty well all night.

Aug 12: Ironed in AM. Canned 2 qts tomato juice. B in town most of day at blacksmith shop, I went in PM to Gertrude R's to see Nancy Smith. OES tonight. Big rain tonight.

Aug 13: Took off only 4 little chix brown gray eggs - cloudy this AM. Finished ironing - B went dentist. Cooked dinner - read and mended in PM. Picked beans late - cow tester for supper. Slept pretty well.

Aug 14: Cloudy this AM. Canned 3 qts tomato juice. George picked vegetables in AM. Shelled butter beans most PM. Not quite so hot - sleeping fairly well - shower in night.

Aug 15: Canned 4 pts butter beans in AM. B in town all AM. Read and rested in PM. No letters from kids. Slept better - cool at night.

Aug 16: Canned 5 pts and juice dressed chicken Cleaned up AM. Town in PM. Got hair cut - paid bills. Won rug at Terry's. B back to town tonight Stayed alone til late. Slept well.

Aug 17: SS and church in AM after rushing like mad to get dinner. Jim and Matilda over in PM. Jane came in at 8pm from Ripley. Lester brought her out and stayed late. Slept fairly.

Aug 18: E late washing. I carried 1 qt tomato juice and 3 qts peach pickle. I churched etc in AM. Rest ed in PM. Jane put in beans etc. Gathered vegetables and flowers late - bed early.

Aug 19: Ironed part of clothes. Made 4 qts tomato juice. Lucille (34) today - Jane went town PM to keep 4H booth for fair. Cooler in PM. Slept well.

Aug 20: Ironed more - washed lot of Jane's clothes. Cooked dinner for old Hasty. B blew top off about us fussing about house. Jane went fair - Mrs Boner and baby out in PM. SJane spent night. Cora canned. Put down rug - slept very little - miserable.

Aug 21: Ironed Jane' clothes. Canned 3 qts of juice. Cooked chicken for dinner. Felt awful all day. Jane stayed in town all day and into night. Lester brought her out. B went fair tonight. Slept fairly but had dreams of dead people.

Aug 22: Cool night and pleasant day. Jane hurried off to dress contest. B sowed alfalfa. hasty for dinner. letter from Joe. Myra came out with Jane for supper. B and Jane back to fair tonight.

Aug 23: Dressed chicken and cleaned up in AM. Very tired and rested all PM. Went to soldier dance with Jane til almost 1. Did not sleep well - hot.

Aug 24: "M". SS an church in AM. Stopped by to see Ira Mae. B went to ridge PM - Jane and Lester to town PM. Lester came back tonight. Slept better. hot.

Aug 25: Joe to start flying. Jane started to school. E late out washing. Cooked for OES supper tonight. Went to party at church and rainbow program after. Jane drove.

Aug 26: Ironed some and made 7 qts tomato juice. Shelled butter beans in PM. Mended etc. Had to cook supper for RP. B went town in PM re: D. Long's draftee business.

Aug 27: Finished ironing - canned 7 pts b beans and 2 qts to juice. Called RP to let Swing keep place. Jane sore about it. Cloudy and cooler in PM. Sent Nancy letter to Knoxville. Cried nearly all night - very little sleep.

Aug 28: Canned 4 qts tom juice and 3 qts green beans. Very hot cooking dinner. B in high glee because we're not going to move. Read The Citadel all PM. Slept well tonight - feel better too - only blue.

Aug 29: Made Lamson jelly and preserves also Tom juice. Very hot and tired. Destroyed excess tobacco. Read all PM. Jane and Lester to show - late. Sleeping much better these cool nights.

Aug 30: Made jelly and tom juice early. Cleaned up. After dinner made cake and dressed chicken. B town tonight til late. Jane to soldier dance later.

Aug 31: SS and church in AM. I went to Matilda's PM and B to ridge. Very hot. Jane and Lester went to church tonight. Slept fairly well.

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