Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Sep 1: E late to wash. Very hot. Canned 5 qts pears. Finished "Men are like Street Cars" in PM. No mail today - cool at night - slept pretty well. Feel let down - Joe didn't come.

Sep 2: Ironed in AM and made 1 qt tom juice. Awfully depressed. Shelled butter beans most of PM. B town in PM - threatened rain all day. Letter from Joe - B and I to Earl Prosser's tonight til late. Hasty for dinner.

Sep 3: Canned butter beans in AM 6 pts. Dinner for old Hasty again. I'm miserable day and night. Blue depressed. hopeless. Sent letter to Joe and Nancy. B and Jane to picture show tonight.

Sep 4: Canned little in AM. Hasty for dinner. I can't get over this blue, hopeless depressed spell. Think I'm losing my mind. Jane blue too and bitter. Shelled butter beans tonight.

Sep 5: Cloudy in AM. Canned 2 qt lamcous and 8 pt butter beans. Windy Men cutting silage. Jane spent night at Cora's. Nights cool but days very hot and dry.

Sep 6: Canned 4 qts tomato juice. Hands for dinner cutting silage corn. Jane had to walk home in AM. she went town in PM for groceries. B town tonight.

Sep 7: SS and church in AM. Awfully hot day. No one came to see us. Jane drove Hasty boy to Dr. in late PM. Lester over tonight. I slept peacefully. B snored all night changed beds 3 times.

Sep 8: Hot this AM. Churned and started dinner early for silage cutters. Shelled b beans PM. B and Jane to town to see Mr. Holware re: RPs case. Slept fine altho hot early in night. Letter from Joe.

Sep 9: Old E washed. Dinner again for old hog hands. Jane and I went town after to school to see about her eyes etc. Stayed in for OES. Lucy's a while Jane and Jean P to show. Home late.

Sep 10: Ironed some and cooked for old hands again. Very hot again - gathered vegetables late PM. B worked til late in night hunting hands.

Sep 11: Had 12 hands for dinner. Good dinner but no help and almost exhausted. Much cooler. Cutter didn't work good - not much done towards filling silo.

Sep 12: Nice and cool - trouble again with silage cutter. Found some more hands short too - Jane to school and 4H rally. Working on red jewbin. 11 hands today. Finished filling silo. Jane and Lester to 1st ball game.

Sep 13: Finished ironing - canned pear and b beans - dressed chicken - made ice cream. Cleaned up etc. AB and Walter went to help M. Forbes in hay. Jane and B to town tonight. Cool night for sleeping. Worn out.

Sep 14: Ss and church in AM. B stayed home. B and I went to ridge place and Ima's in PM. Jane and Lester to town tonight. Warmer. Didn't sleep so well.

Sep 15: Hot again - E washed but late and idled on job. Hasty for dinner. Letter from Joe - been flying a week now. Bed early but no sleep. B snored too bad - went couch.

Sep 16: Ironed all AM. No hands for dinner. Big mad fit at B about old cow tester for supper - Jane went to Ina's slept better - got nerves quiet after bed - hot cooking supper.

Sep 17: Cow tester - new one. Weiss for breakfast. Canned 2 qts pears and 1 pt preserves. Made Jane a custard. Read and rested all hot PM. Feel sick, been and miserable these days. B town tonight.

Sep 18: Go to Dentist. Carried 2 pts Okra - churned et c - cooked early dinner. Went to see "Blossoms in the West" with Matilda. B worked on FB members all day - all home late. RP out late PM. Little sleep.

Sep 19: "M" Feel awful today. Washed and ironed some things for self and Jane. Hot. Read and rested all PM. Jane and Lester to ball game tonight. Slept much better.

Sep 20: Cleaned some in back yard early - some in house - quick dinner. Jane drove m to town to Aux meeting - she went to soldier dance and spent night at Cora's - soiled her dress at dance.

Sep 21: Late to SS as usual there days - home for lunch. B to ridge place. I spent PM at Aunt Fannie's hot in PM. not feeling so well. Couldn't sleep for rat.

Sep 22: Old E didn't come to work nor sent word - so mad I can hardly live. Canned 3 qts apples and made 4 glasses jelly. Washed little in PM - Eelie smith over late PM for help on exam. Too nervous to sleep.

Sep 23: Old E down early - big row with her - ordered her out. Sent clothes to Cordie and washed lots myself. Dinner for Henry Harrington, working in hay. Very tired after dinner. Letter from Joe. Not much sleep.

Sep 24: Very cool these mornings but hot PM. Very dry. Ironed in AM and dinner again for Henry. Read and mended in PM. Rain in night but not season.

Sep 25: Much cooler after rain. B started tractor this AM. Canned 2 qts apples - last. Dinner for Hasty - cleaning well in bottom field. Sent letters to Joe and Nancy. Read all PM. Slept some better. B town after supper.

Sep 26: Cool this AM. Washed and pressed little for Jane. Dinner for negro cleaned out well in bottom. RP out while AM - classified 1-A - he's blue over it. Jane spent night at Myra's for ball game.

Sep 27: Cold last night and this AM. Cleaned up early - B town in PM and back tonight. I shelled dry B beans. Jane came home from Broadways tonight mad. Killed gopher in house tonight.

Sep 28: SS in AM - on time as we went back on old time. Jane threw mad fit when we got home. No one came and we all stayed home all PM. Read most of time. Jane called Lester not to come.

Sep 29: Sent washing to laundry and washed few things myself. B to dentist the AM. Usual things in PM. Gray started cutting cane. I first time in long time slept.

Sep 30: Clothes came back early. Pleased with them. Ironed in AM. B and Walter helped M Forbes with silo. Cooked no dinner. Made Jane dickey blouse. Jane picture show PM.

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