Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Oct 1: Cleaned up some early. B gone back to Forbes. Cut and sewed on blue house dress. Shelled dry butter beans. Not much sleep - L-in-early night - not so good.

Oct 2: Began sewing early on dress - cloudy all day and warm. B sowing rye - sprinkled along all day and night. Jane took red corduroy to Mrs. Hamilton to make. RP here for supper. I tonight early.

Oct 3: Light showers in AM. Washed some for Jane. Finished house dress. B to town in PM. sold cattle. Jane to ball game at Deckerd PM. Stayed in and home night with Lester. I night.

Oct 4: Cleared off early - cooler. Jane drove me to town in PM. Very hot in PM. B and Jane back to town tonight til late - didn't sleep well very nervous.

Oct 5: SS and church in AM. Rally House all PM - no one came. Read "Blue Horizon" by Mary Wolfe Thompson. Hot day. Lester over tonight to see Jane. Too hot to sleep well.

Oct 6: Clear and warm this AM. sent washing out. B and I to town in AM. Went to woman's club to hear McCord speak. Talked long time with Ross Campbells. Home late - miserably hot - dreamed had quadruplets.

Oct 7: Washed some and ironed everything. ?? Hasty for dinner - Siggil Prugger over in PM. Meridid. Another awfully hot day. Bed early - bad dreams about death, birth, sickness etc. Slept fairly.

Oct 8: A bit cooler this AM. Shelled dry peas and b beans. Dinner for Hasty. Jane drove to school to go to dentist and dressmaker. Home after dark. I cut and sewed on little Pollya dress inPM.

Oct 9: Still cooler. Finished Polly's dress. Cooking and greens for dinner. Town to vote for Lee at noon - Jane back town after school - B back night to find hands for corn and cotton. Gathered corn today. Rain in night.

Oct 10: Much cooler after rain and clear up in AM. Cleaned some windows. Dinner for Hasty. Cleaned yard in PM. Jane took car back town late PM and went to ball game in Shellywick with Lester. Got home late.

Oct 11: Some frost this AM. Dressed chicken - made cottage cheese and cleaned up early. Town all PM - stayed in for FB barbecue - had good time - home late - cold - hard to go to sleep.

Oct 12: Worked hard and fast all AM dinner for Doc, Pudge, Mrs. Ward and Herb. No help but Jane. Nice day tho - cool and clear. Lester to see Jane tonight. B went to hunt hands. Slept poorly.

Oct 13: Clear and cool - sent washing out - washed few things here. Churned. Hasty for dinner. Gathering corn. Had to cook supper for cow tester. Jane went town after school - out gas - got her red corduroy home.

Oct 14: Cow tester for breakfast. Awful day in AM. Late breakfast. Ironed in AM and town in PM. Got dress and coat - stayed in for OES. Made presentation speech to Mrs. Rundle. Nice meeting.

Oct 15: B had court yesterday and today. Homer's tripling boys came to work but left in AM. Cloudy and warm. Cooked no dinner - mended some redad papers. Letter from Joe. Jane drove cotton hands home.

Oct 16: Cloudy and warmer. sent letters to Joe and Nancy. Wrote Aux cards for Sat. Homer Smith and Hasty for dinner. Mildred sent Jane's shirt - sent back tonight when she drove hands home. Slept well.

Oct 17: Rain in AM. Washed some - dinner for Hasty they sowed oats in cotton patch. I cleaned hen house in PM - mites. Jane and Lester went somewhere. Slept fine. Cooler tonight.

Oct 18: Clear this AM. Dressed chicken and cleaned up in AM. Old Willie and Fred Briggs for dinner unexpected. All mad - Jane threw biggest fit ever - Aux meeting PM. Jane to Tullahoura to dance.

Oct 19: SS and church - Jane spent last night at Cora's Cora came home with us from church stayed til after supper. B to ridge place in PM. Lester over tonight. Hot today. Slept poorly.

Oct 20: Clear and warm this AM. Sent washing out - washed lots myself. Dinner for Hasty and Robert Swing Walter started gathering his corn. Went to Cousin Lois Smith's funeral in PM. Ground pickle late.

Oct 21: Washed little more - ironed all and made 4 pts mix green pickles. Dinner for Hasty and Robert. B town all day giving deposition for RP's case. I went town PM brought blue hat and rose spun dress. JB committee meeting.

Oct 22: Fourth day of awfully hot weather - Gathering corn. Walter turning wheat land. Hasty and Robert for dinner again. Very tired. Dressed 2 chickens this AM. All AM on dinner. Rested all PM. Fried chicken here for RP. He and I went to see Mr. Lee

Oct 23: Seems a bit cooler thisAM. Dinner for old Willie, Fred Hasty and Robert. Finished Walter's corn at noon. Old E went to St. Louis. Hope she stays. Cooked 2 hours, dressing and gravy for Legion supper.

Oct 24: "M" No school today - Jane worked on blue silk blouse. Willie, Fred and Robert for dinner. Saw Sgt York picture in PM. Home very late. Sold green tomatoes and dress to Anne. Cold tonight.

Oct 25: Cold this AM - feel tough from "M" after 5 weeks. Thought I was thru with it. Look early bus for Tullahoma to 5th dist ALA Rally. Fine time - home very late. Jane went to Tullahoma to dance and spent night with Lucy - cold.

Oct 26: SS and church in AM. Cooked dinner from start after church. The Dr Whitakers came out while in late PM. Lester over to see Jane tonight. Hard rain in night. Wild geese about dawn by block.

Oct 27: Light out early - rain continued up this AM but quit by mid AM. Sent letters to Nancy and Joe. Got one from Nancy re: piano. Washed some in PM. Much cooler. Sent washing out. Called Nancy tonight re: piano.

Oct 28: Cold and cloudy all day. Ironed everything - dinner for only B and me. Dressed chicken for supper. Finished Jane's blue blouse - read til late - very cold tonight.

Oct 29: Some warmer and clear all day. sent Mrs. Bouner a letter. Dinner for Walter and Fred. Gathering 5A corn. Jane stayed in town with Dorothy to go to Murfreesboro to play with Gearish.

Oct 30: Warmer and cloudy this AM. B sick - in all day. Walter and Fred for dinner. Rain little in PM. Put up stove - first fire in living room. Rained late during night.

Oct 31: Rainy and cloudy all day. Town early to get yellow to fix Jane's dress. Home, cooked dinner and worked on dress. B and I took Jane to town to go to dance at Tullahowa - George Waller called her from camp Forrest. She spent night Coras.

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