Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Nov 1: Turned cold last night. Cloudy till noon then clear. Jane walked home AM. Geo. called again noon. Cleared up. Dressed chicken. Sent piano to Nancy - all to town till late. Jane dated Geo Waller from Camp Forrest.

Nov 2: SS at our church and preaching at Baptist. Cooked dinner called late for Aux dues. Not as cold as yesterday. No one came in PM. Lester came tonight with pipe and was mad at Jane.

Nov 3: Town early - bummed all AM. Lunch at LCW club and program in PM. Home late. Brought Matilda home. Cooked supper - worked on presentation speech for Grand Matron. Jane studied lots and B too on AAA. Letter from Nancy.

Nov 4: Ironed a few things. Dinner for hands but only Hasty here - looked around Walter's empty house early. Finished speech - washed hair. Big OES meeting. Dinner at McWilliams for Grand Matron. Jane spent night Mary Nell.

Nov 5: Ironed more and washed late. Cooked a hen that was run over yesterday. Town in PM to dentist. Home late - RP spent night - big rain tonight. Turned cold. B worked all day on AAA. Last tomatoes and butter beans.

Nov 6: Cold and cloudy - finally finished ironing. Churned mended etc. B on AAA again. Very nervous and feel sick. Bed early. Letter to Joe and one from him.

Nov 7: Still cold and cloudy in AM. B on AAA again. Dressed chicken. Made cake. Cleaned up. Mary Sloan came for week end. Ball game in PM. B and I went Flintville with Mr and Mrs Newt Toury.

Nov 8: Bitter cold and cloudy. B to work. Jane and Mary off for parade early. I caught ride in. Home late and sick with cold. Mad too - Jane and Mary drove to town for date with Geo. Waller.

Nov 9: Cloudy and cold all day. severe cold - hardly able to be up. Jane and Mary to church - back town to date soldiers in PM. Mary left on 6:15 bus. Lester brought Jane's picture home tonight.

Nov 10: Still cloudy and cold. Washed a little - B on AAA again. Think he'll run us all crazy. Marc out to fix tractor and see stove. Altered rose dress and stayed by fire all day. Geo came back to town and called Jane tonight.

Nov 11: Cold and clear. Ironed some dressed 3 chickens. Jane had holiday. Went in town in PM to meet Geo. All to Legion supper. I went OES also - home late and very cold. B on 3A again.

Nov 12: Big freeze - beautiful this AM. Finished ironing in AM. Fixed dinner for Clyde Wilkers. B in town and on to Huntesville on Rufus Simms Trial. Mended and rested in PM. "M" at bedtime only 19 days since last.

Nov 13: Clear, cold and beautiful. Front again this AM. Ray Ward vaccinated hogs this AM. B went to work 3A at 11:30 - late home. Cobb move d in PM. I wrote and read most of day.

Nov 14: Clear and cold again. B left early to work 3A. I washed some early - card from Nancy. Jane didn't get letter from Geo - she was blue - went to dance at Tullahoma - Geo called at 6:30. Spent night at Lucy's. Cow tester did not eat supper.

Nov 15: Dressed chicken - cleaned up - Jane brought car from town in AM. b on 3A. Geo called at noon. I went Aux - Jane to date George - went for Mildred at Pulaski - home late - warmer.

Nov 16: SS and church - took ferns to church basement. George to church with Jane. They ate in town. B to ridge. Home alone all PM. Warmer. B went for Jane in town after supper. She came home blue. Geo called.

Nov 17: Washed some. Sent laundry out - B on 3A again. CLean and warmer. Read some. Jane spent night at Lucy's and went to dance at Tullahoma. Letter from Joe. B to town tonight.

Nov 18: Ironed in AM. Wrote letters etc. B on 3A again. Went up to see new tenants while in PM. Two warm for fire. Bed early. Jane studied late.

Nov 19: Warm and cloudy - B on 3A again. Read some, carried wood in wood house. B to Kelso to see Bere Thompson. Rained late in night. Slept fairly well.

Nov 20: Rainy and a bit cooler. B on 3A again. Thanksgiving some places. I went town in PM. Shopped some - home very late. Jane walked most way out - bed early.

Nov 21: Washed some - scrubbed kitchen - bound comfort pink and blue - George called Jane at 6:30pm. Lester took her to movies. Cold and mostly clear all day. Sat up late reading and sewing.

Nov 22: Rained all day - dressed chicken. made cake. Cleared up. Jane went to town in PM and night to see Geo. B finished 3A at last. Back town tonight. They came in late.

Nov 23: I stayed home from church. B and Jane went and brought Geo home for rest of day. Cooked dinner and supper. All to town tonight. I went to see Mrs. Dickey re: papers ALA and BTS. Spent evening at Lucy's. Home late - cold

Nov 24: Cold and cloudy B to Huntsville with RP. Box of food to Joe. To Mary Bledsoe's to study. OES all PM. Letter from Mildred and answered Special Home later. Cold. Card from Nancy. Washed come in AM - up late tonight.

Nov 25: IRoned most of AM. B tried to saw wood - tractor wouldn't work. Mended and studied OES in PM. Gave OES tonight and took it at 8th Dist school. Went by Oscar Pitt's while - home late.

Nov 26: Nothing unusual happened. B cut wood in woods. Uncle Ed brought sausage. Looked over OES papers. Call from PO about Jane's "Special Delivery" late in night.

Nov 27: Our Thanksgiving - B went to Camp Forrest to see Ben Thompson. Jane Myra and I went too. Jane called Geo - stopped by Len Mothon's distillery. Home about 3pm. Bed early.

Nov 28: These days are beautiful - frosty mornings - clear and cold. Jane to Huntsville with Farrais. Washed some. Cleaned yard in PM. Jane sewed tonight. Telephone out.

Nov 29: Cleaned up good in AM. Dressed chicken. Ironed. B to town in AM. Jane in PM. I listened to Tenn - Vandy game in PM. Telephone in late PM. Geo came to town to see Jane.

Nov 30: SS and church. George overslept but came out for dinner and supper. All went town tonight. Hub sick. Told RP about his law suit lost.

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