Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Dec 1: Washed some - sent off OES exams. Town about 10:30am. Woman's club in PM. B in Huntsville all day and night - started work at midnight. Hub out late PM. Jane and I stayed alone.

Dec 2: Ironed all AM. Rained most of day. B got home about 12 noon - ate and then to bed til 8:30pm. Jane and I took him to town about 10pm. Stayed alone again tonight. Warm.

Dec 3: Jane took car in for B - took wool for quilt to church. Took red dress to dressmaker. Rain. Cleaned up some in AM. Town PM to make ALA program. Jane came in for me - Supper at 9pm and got B off to Huntsville work.

Dec 4: Jane 17 at 8am. Dressed chicken - made cake and b custard. Cleaned. Mary Nell Perry and Myra spent night with Jane. Geo called Jane 6 min - got B off at 9:30pm. Cleared off in PM. No sleep much. Girls broke old folding bed.

Dec 5: Rushed like mad to get girls off to school - washed and ironed some. Washed hair etc. to go to nancy's tonight. Left Fay around 5 via Memphis to Ripley around 11 - Surprised Nancy - Jane stayed at Cora's.

Dec 6: Got up late - drove all around Ripley to meet people. Saw Miss. River first time. Heard Nancy practice in PM. She went to choir practice night. Bed a little earlier.

Dec 7: Got up late - Nancy went to SS and came back for me to go to church. Late dinner. Lynnwood came in PM. Left for home little after 3 via Memphis - home 10pm. Jane and I came on home- Geo over for weekend.

Dec 8: Lots to do - got up late - sent out laundry - Jane took car to school. Listened to Pres. speech and declaration of war - Bad times - Jane home late and off to Tullahora to dance - I went to dressmaker and to Lucy's til she came home. Cold. B still away.

Dec 9: Ironed all AM. Listened to war news - awful! Went to OES and by dressmaker's. Took Ira Mae to OES. Jane to movie. Mrs. Bonner came home from Tex.

Dec 10: Cleared up some. Took out old folding bed. Mrs. Harty over while in PM. First night at home in evening since last Thurs. RP out late to get B's clothes.

Dec 11: Dressed chicken - cooked ribs - W out town in AM to bank some for B and get bed at Coras. Worked on yearbooks - hemmed evening dress for Jane. She went to Tullahoma to dance. I stayed at Lucy's. Supper for new church.

Dec 12: Washed - fixed mattress for Jane's bed - more work on ALA yearbooks. B came home about 12:45pm. Mrs. Billy Foster's funeral. Geo Ervin died. Rain all day and very hard tonight. B went back to Huntsville about 8pm.

Dec 13: Cleaned up - hemstitched on pillow cases. Doc's Xmas box came in mail. Jane to town late PM on errands - back tonight for date with Geo. I stayed alone all night.

Dec 14: SS and church - Geo - Milton Stain and Martha Boyd here for dinner and PM. Jane took them in to bus. Clear and cold.

Dec 15: Washed some - had smoke house cleaned. Town in PM. Xmas shopping - hog killing supplies etc. Jane got letter from Bill Martin about leaving Camp Forrest.

Dec 16: Breakfast for RP. Sent B's clothes to Huntsville. Mr. Commons fixed floor in kitchen. Got new cookstove. Sent to ridge for turkeys. Sewed all PM sheets curtains etc. Warmer cloudy.

Dec 17: Churned - sent turkeys to town - ironed - washed some for B. sewed some. Jane having exams. Letter from Nancy and B wrapped pkgs and addressed Xmas cards after supper.

Dec 18: B came home sick with cold. Worked on settlements for his wards all day. I went town in AM to xmas shop - Jane had hist exam. Washed and ironed more for B. Slept very little - much warmer.

Dec 19: Washed and ironed more. B finished settlements. Jane home at noon after last exam. Mrs. Bonner out for Xmas greens. Jane got lovely gift from Bill Martin. B went back after supper.

Dec 20: Dressed chicken. Cleaned up. Made cake. Town in PM to ALA meeting. and Xmas shopping. Home at dark. Geo here for supper. He and Jane to movies and I stayed alone. Slept on couch.

Dec 21: Jane came home early from Cora's. Finished cleaning up. Went to SS and church. Geo came home with us. He and Jane got xmas tree in PM - Jane took him to bus. Sat up late.

Dec 22: Killed 1 hog - made Carrie Moore a devil food. Very tired and almost sick. Hot - sent sausage to town. Rain hard most of night. Jane to dance at Tullahoma spent night at Martha Phillips.

Dec 23: Ironed - Uncle Ed cooked lard - rain just as finished. Sent turkeys in to be dressed. Up late sewing on Xmas stockings. Jane sewing on red dress.

Dec 24: Made 2 cakes - boiled barn. Jane went in for George in PM. They decorated tree - I made boiled custard after supper. nancy came about 8. Joe came 3:30 Xmas AM. I slept none at all. B not home.

Dec 25: Let kids sleep late - breakfast at 10 - dinner at 3. Opened pkgs last night. RP came out for breakfast at 11. Jane got orchid from Geo. Joe to Cotillion dance tonight. Jane to Camp Forrest to take Geo home.

Dec 26: Late breakfast again. Mrs. Dyer ?? out for dinner.Mr. and Mrs. Presley little while in PM. RP brought B home for supper. Joe and RP to Pulaski to dance.

Dec 27: "M". B and I had breakfast early. Jane and Nancy late and Joe came in from RPs later. B town all day kids in town in PM to have picture made. Jane stayeda t Cora's. Geo gcame. Mildred out for supper. B went back to work night.

Dec 28: Madhouse all day. Doc, Rubye, Mrs. Ward, Bill, Christina, Hub, RP and Geo for dinner. Rushed like mad to get Joe and Nancy off by 1. Geo out til late - he took car in. Slept well after all was over.

Dec 29: Sent off laundry - washed some here. Jaen to school but home at noon. Geo brought Mildred and cora out for dinner. heand Jane took me for OES installation. They went to movies. Cold.

Dec 30: Groudn most of AM. Mended called and picked up things. Cold and cloudy mostly. Jane took car to school. Geo left Fayetteville this AM and there from Tullahousa to Chicago. Gertrude Ravel out late PM.

Dec 31: Cleared up some. Made Joe a birthday cake and a caramel for us. RP brought B home - Rained most of night - warmer. Jane up late. Call from Chicago not completed.

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