Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : 1941

Books she read in 1941
Jan: Moby Dick
A classic, and one I love reading on Nantucket.

Jan: Main Street
A tale of a young woman in the 20s who is a smart college-educated librarian, gets convinced to marry a small town doctor, and then feels dejected, lonely and very bored while she "wastes away her life" in this boring small town.

Feb: saw Gone with the Wind
The classic movie!

Aug: The Citadel
A great tale about a doctor in the 20s who begins in Wales with great intentions, then ends up in London taking advantage of rich people. The way he's sucked into this life is well done.

Sept: Men are like Street Cars by Lorimer
Very, very VERY funny!! It's a tale of a teenage girl in the 20s who is smart as a whip and deals with life, an annoying older sister, and boys.

Sept: saw Blossoms in the West
I can't find this one anywhere to review.

Oct: Blue Horizon by Mary Wolfe Thompson
An 18 year old girl gets her first job at a decorating store and learns the ins and outs of working life in the early 40s.

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