Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : January 1942

Thu 1: Town early - paid bills. B back to Huntsville - rain most of day - some sun - high wind. Late P Geo called Jane from Chicago PM

Fri 2: Very cold - mostly clear. Washed some - Jane got letter from Geo from Chicago. Cleared up some. Rev Owen in to see about buying place.

Sat 3: Joe (21) God, let him live long. Little sun, snow, sleet, lots rain and cold. Cleared up some - Jane to Tullahowa to dance - I stayed at Lucy's - Roads slick.

Sun 4: Very cold and cloudy all day. SS + church in AM. Blakely called from Huntsville in PM. Sat up late to keep fire.

Mon 5: Washed some - cleaned up good. Jane went in for Geo late. He spent night here too. Bitter cold - almost froze.

Tue 6: Bit warmer - Geo took Jane to school then came back here for day. Long serious talk. Had hogs killed in PM. Geo left on 5:45 bus.

Wed 7: Cordie + Mr. Hasty helped in land. Cloudy. Bitter cold again. B came home awhile in midday. Kept fire all night.

Thu 8: Sacked 100 lbs sausage. 0 weather. Letter from Joe - fair. Dorothy spent night with Jane. Sleep in living room to keep fire.

Fri 9: Cloudy and no so cold as yesteday but below freezing yet. Geo called Jane tonight. Bed at 10 in living room - much colder.

Sat 10: Leaned up some - 3 above 0. Jane to town to meet Geo in PM. Spent night at Cora's - Mrs. Bonner took me to Crabtree's OES auditing party.

Sun 11: 16 above 0 at 7:30am. I dind't go to church - Jane and Geo came home with Matilda. Much warmer. Car wouldn't run. Geo called taxi.

Mon 12: Hazy clear - cold south wind but relief from bitter cold. Washed AM - Jane went to Tullahoma to dance. Spent night at Cora's. I stayed alone.

Tue 13: Clear and warmer. Ironed in AM. Slept late - Cut Jane a blouse from B's shirt. Went to see Hub at hospital - then to OES. Jane to movies. B came home late night.

Wed 14: Cow tester for breakfast. Moston down to trade for cow. Got B off at noon. Old car completely down - finished Jane's blouse. Bed early. Slept fine - fair mostly.

Thu 15: Clear, cold, beautiful. Washed some - wrote letters, read,etc. Jane to bed early - I sat up til 11 - slept in living room.

Fri 16: Sheep died. Made cake and boiled custard for Hub. Ironed too. Card from Nancy. Geo called Jane 9pm. She sewed on blue print dress.

Sat 17: Dressed chicken - cleaned up. Town in PM. Paid bills. ALA meeting. Home with Matilda. Geo spent night. B came home about 1:30 in night.

Sun 18: Hazy. None of us went church. No card. B went back about noon walking. Geo stayed til after 8pm. Rain after dark. No sleep much. Lambs cried.

Mon 19: Cloudy and turned cold. Washed some - sent laundry out. Uncle Ed in while. Fred Brigg worked all day. Napped in PM.

Tue 20: Ironed. Sick all day. Bowels cramping. In bed all PM. Jane drove Joe's car home. Cooked no supper. Clear - cold - big frost.

Wed 21: Cold - big frost. Feel better. Up all day doing around B home at noon for little while. Jane to dance - spent night at Lucy's.

Thu 22: Up late then caught ride to town. Sewed for OES all day at Red Cross room. Got car repaired - slept none. Feel so neglected. Jane so cross.

Fri 23: Clear - cold. Washed a bit. Read all PM. Geo called Jane tonight. Slept much better.

Sat 24: Wind from south. First letter from Joe from Miami base. Jane to town PM. She and Geo to Honey club. Home late. I slept poorly.

Sun 25: Geo, Jane and I to SS and church. Cooked dinner afterwards. Got little dog from Ms. Gray. Jane took Geo to bus. Slept better.

Mon 26: Washed some. Got order from Sears. Jane drove in to go to dance at Tullahoma. Sick sheep. Warm. Jean Phillips spent night. No sleep at all.

Tue 27: Ironed and mended for Jane. Sent in orders. Rained along most of day. Jane drove to school and took white evening dress to dress maker. Slept some.

Wed 28: Jane had holiday - went in for fitting. Charles out for dinner. Cloudy and cold. Geo came unexpectedly at 6 to 12 PM. Slept better lent cold.

Thu 29: Clear and cold. Sewing on small napkins for Nancy. Finished them. Jane took car to school and brought home new formal. She went with Geo to his dance at Tulla homa.

Fri 30: Washed some. Cloudy and windy mostly. Hard rain after dark. Started more napkins from sack. Finished them. Sat up late sewing. B came home 1:30am.

Sat 31: Cleaned up - B to town and back for lunch. Got him off. Jane to town. Night getting through. Very tired. Geo spent night. Brought Jane shoes. Bed early.

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