Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : February 1942

Sun 1: Got up late - did not go to SS + Church. B home late PM. Geo and Jane to town late. Geo stayed late tonight. Not much sleep - very cold outside.

Mon 2: Up very early to get B off to Huntsville. Geo lost key last night. B had to walk town. Missed his ride. Geo brought key about 10 stayed til after 1. Clear and gold. GH saw shadow.

Tue 3: Began rain before day. Warmer. Washed a bit. Spent PM with Mrs N Toury. B home late. Hot in night. Thunder, lightning.

Wed 4: B off to work early. Having tires and heater changed on car. Jane went in for B. he went back to fix capers. Geo came to see Jane - cleared up lots.

Thu 5: Clouds and sun - rained last night. Wrote letters. Crocheted some. Jane spent night with Mary Nell Perry. Rained in night - windy

Fri 6: Big rain and wind storm before day. Thunder lightning. Be frost in May. B off early to work. High wind all day and night. Bed early. Check and letter from Nancy.

Sat 7: Up early to get B off. Back to bed while. Still windy. Married 26 years today. Town PM Took quilt to Jane for Nancy. B to Legion. Geo spent night. B gave me $5.

Sun 8: Up at 4 to get B off - then breakfast late for Geo and Jane. SS and church - late dinner. Cora and Geo for supper. Cora spent night. Geo here til late. Cloudy early then clear.

Mon 9: Feel older and sick at 49. Up on war time to get Cora and B off. Clear and cold. Lizzie Briggs washed for me. Town in PM with Matilda. Exam at Dr. Need operation.

Tue 10: Big ironing - very tired. Wrote Nancy and Joe - started Grand Jury. Cloudy. Jane spent night at Lucy's and went dance at Tullahoma. B and I to OES tonight.

Wed 11: B off to court early. Cloudy and cold. Cleaned up some. Cow tester for supper. Bed early. No sleeping so good.

Thu 12: Cow tester for breakfast. Clear and cold. B staying home to work today. Churned. Cut and sewed on red smock. Bed early.

Fri 13: B off very early to Huntsville to work. Washed some. Clear and cold. Finished smock. Jane called Geo - she's mad - got valentine from Bill.

Sat 14: Up early to get B and Jane off to Huntsville. Jane missed RP. She and B both blew up before leaving. She went on bus. Geo called about noon. B home late.

Sun 15: Slept poorly last night and this AM after B left. Worried over Jane. Flat tire. No SS and church. B walked. Geo came PM and went to Huntsville for Jane.

Mon 16: Rained hard all day. Jane had holiday. She studied. I crocheted pot holder. Letter and wings pin from Joe.

Tue 17: Cloudy - cooler. Sent letters to Nancy and Joe. Jane stayed in to type. B went to see Dr. Marshal about me. Bed early.

Wed 18: Lizzie washed. Some clouds, sun and wind. Washed hair. Irish cold wave mid PM. Jane took me to town to pay bills etc. Got quilt Janes.

Thu 19: Up early - got B off then breakfast for me and Hub. He and I to Dois to spend day. Home after dark. To bed at once. Clear day but very cold. Slept well.

Fri 20: Clear - cold. Ironed. Mended. Busy all day. Geo came late tonight. Larry, Margaret and Martha out little while too. Not much sleep.

Sat 21: Clear and not quite so cold. Cleaned up - caught way in to ALA meeting and back home. Jane to Tullahowa to dance. Geo came home with her and spent night.

Sun 22: Up early to get B off. Bck to bed. Did not go to SS + Church. Geo here all day. Left on late PM bus. Bed early.

Mon 23: Cloudy and windy but Lizzie got washing out. Rain later. Telephone lots. Rain all PM and night. Bed early - very tired - bad dreams.

Tue 24: Up early to get B off. Headache. Ironed - sent letter to Nancy, card to Joe. Snowed but did not stick. Very cold and disagreeable. Still M.

Wed 25: Made pie early then walked to Matilda's to Molino Club. Very cold. Tried to snow. Jane tried candy for Geo after supper and messed.

Thu 26: Not so cold. Tried to snow. Made candy early. Sent Geo a box for Jane. Washed - ironed. Made cake. Matilda over til bedtime.

Fri 27: Ironed some - wrote letters. Light snow on ground and still snowing AM. Still M. Cleared late PM - snow went. Jane to Tullahowa - stayed in town.

Sat 28: B off early to Huntsville. Clear cold beautiful day. Jane drove car home AM and sewed on old dress. Mess. She and Geo late from Dance at Tullahoma.

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