Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : March 1942

Sun 1: B home from Huntsville AM. Geo, Jane and I to church. B slept all day. Clear and beautiful - not so cold. Geo left on 5:45 bus. Corker Long over while tonight.

Mon 2: Rain in night and turned to snow and slush all day and wind too. Supper late. Got B off then bed. Geo called Jane - she's sick with cold.

Tue 3: Clear, cold windy. Signal puppy killed by car this AM. Sent Jane's application to Jr. U.V. Uncle Ed in for his dinner.

Wed 4: Hung meat - washed some. Ironed late. PM tired lonely feel sick. Bed early after I got B off. Card from Nancy.

Thu 5: Cloudy then rain before noon. B slept very little. Jane took me town after school to practice OES - home late.

Fri 6: Washed some in AM. Clear and warmer. Blue and lonely. Got B off to Huntsville and went to bed early. Wakeful.

Sat 7: Cleaned up. B sold hogs (picture of bird flying). Finally went to bed 2pm Jane to town in PM. Joe called AM - got his wings and Com. Geo came on late bus spent night.

Sun 8: Didn't go to SS and church. Sick with cold. High wind and rain all day. B slept all day. Turned cold in PM. Rough night. Geo left 5:45 bus.

Mon 9: High wind. Cold. No washing. B has day off. He cut wood. Bought new wagon. Hemmed my evening dress. Bed early.

Tue 10: Springlike. B hauled hay. He and I to Oscar Pitts mother's funeral PM. I stayed at Lucy's for OES initiation - 2 men. Did all right.

Wed 11: Jane drove car in for B to come home from work. Lizzie washed rain all PM. Have blues so bad over Joe and Jane too. Bed early. Slept poorly.

Thu 12: Warm like spring - Ironed and churned. Tired and blue. No word from Joe. Fear he's married. Rain at night - bed early - dreams.

Fri 13: Cloudy and warm. "B. met Mr. Thompson this AM" Took seed to ridge place. Rain all PM. Read Green Pastures. Jane spent night Myra for dance at Tullahowa.

Sat 14: Boiled ham, dressed chicken, made cake, boiled custard etc. Nancy and Lynnwood came late PM. Also Geo. Too tired to sleep. Lynwood went back to town.

Sun 15: Cooked most of day. No one went to church. All left late PM. RP and Jane out in PM. Jane to Tullahoma to buffet supper. Myra spent night. Too tired to sleep.

Mon 16: Windy and warm. Get hen. Letter from Joe - sent him a wire. He telephoned back. Terribly upset. Now about house. After supper - big storm early in night.

Tue 17: Clear and cooler after storm. Lizzie washed. No word from Joe. Blue and distressed all day. Reading "Dragon Seed". Slept a little. Colder.

Wed 18: Cold - windy - clouds and sun. Ironed all AM. Heartsick over Joe. Town after school to GSC meeting. Pay bills etc. Slept better. B no work tonight.

Thu 19: Early call from Nancy re: Joe's marriage tonight. RP called him too. Cried awfully. Washed some. Ironed. Terrible day - worst in many years. Geo here for supper.

Fri 20: B late this AM. Had garden planted. Sent Joe wire to bring wife home. Jane back to town late to go dance Tullahoma. Myra came home with her late. Slept better.

Sat 21: Rained most of last night. Cloudy and cold this AM. Organized Jr. ALA. Went to ALA also. No word from Joe. Jane and Geo to movies. Geo spent night.

SUn 22: SS and church for Geo, Jane and I. RP had wire from Joe AM. Joe called me PM. They came in about 8:30. Joan and RP for supper too. Jane took Geo to 5:45 bus.

Mon 23: Clear and cool - Lizzie washing. Miserable all day - cooking etc. Made 1 pot soap - no good. Joe, Gloria and Jane went to movies. Bed early, so tired.

Tue 24: Lizzie washed more for Joe. Ironed most of day. Town PM. to victory meeting. RP for supper too. B had night off from work. Joe etc. went out.

Wed 25: 2 more pots soap. Still clear and beautiful. Started tractor. Cooked all PM. Good supper for all. RP and Joan out too - Jane to G.S.C. Very tired.

Thu 26: Rain also night and this AM. Cooler. B slept all day. Finished "Dragon Seed." Joe and Gloria went out with RP. Jane got 2 letters from Geo from Atlanta.

Fri 27: Rain thunder AM. Joe went in for B in AM. Signed note for him. Presleys came out PM. Joe and G to town PM and out with RP and Joan tonight. B, Jane and I mad.

Sat 28: Hindered in my cleaning. Awfully blue and upset. Joe and G to Nashville PM. Ruby sent me a dress. Jane and I home alone tonight.

Sun 29: All got up late. Cora spent day. Joe and G town in late PM with RP and Joan. Church also. Slept poorly. Sad. Gloria's parents called her.

Mon 30: Very sad day. Joe and G left for Cal about 10am. Sent Nancy pkg working furiously. Lizzie washed. Jane spent night at Cora's - dance Tullahoma. I stayed alone.

Tue 31: Ironed most of day. Cleaned closet. Getting ready for hospital. Jane and I got letter from Geo. B not working tonight. Too tired to sleep much.

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