Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : April 1942

Wed 1: Wrote Geo. Worked hard. Getting things straight. B to work in Huntsville at noon. Off to hospital 4pm. Put to bed and made ready. Hair cut.

Thu 2: Operation am. Asleep all day. Jane came in after supper. Not much sick. Dr. Marshal wonderful.

Note: Nancy, Ora's daughter, says that this was probably an operation which removed 4' of intestines for some reason.

Fri 3: Not very comfortable but more so than I expected. Flowers and cards.

Sat 4: Several visitors, flowers etc. Too sick to remember.

Sun 5: White gardenia corsage from Nancy. Geo came early from Atlanta. Brought Jane Easter bunny.

Mon 6: Late visitors, flowers etc. Mrs. Oscar Pitts, Mrs. Ready Bea Prosser, Aurie Lou Templeton and Vallie Wall.

Tue 7: Tues - cards and flowers still come. Lots of visitors too.

Wed 8: Same thing in hospital - getting more ease all along.

Thu 9: Operation week ago - doing fine. Lots of attention from everyone.

Fri 10: Could go home tomorrow if I have good nurse. Will stay longer. Lyndal Moore and 2 litle girls came - several others.

Sat 11: Same things in hospital - visitors - cards - flowers

Sun 12: Too many visitors -not so well. Flowers from Mrs. Robinson and Minnie - also candy etc. Cora and Mildred Wileys. Maddox set came.

Mon 13: Feel stronger each day - going home soon.

Tue 14: Same things. In hospital. B came every day about noon. Jane after school.

Wed 15: Last day in hospital. Miss Sara McCoun. Mrs. Bouner and 2 children. Mrs Mattie Stevenson. Lovely tulips from Miss Sarah. Basket Mrs Bowman.

Thu 16: Home in ambulance early. Bed in living room. Julie Shear in with me. B to work at noon.

Fri 17: "M". Mrs Higgins spent PM. Pressleys out while too. They have been so nice and comforting. Jane threw "big fit".

Sat 18: Usual routine. Tired of bed. Haven't been up yet. Jane behaving better.

Sun 19: Matilda stoped while from church. Got out on feet and used slop jar. Didn't feel so good. Gertrude Rawer brought lovely tulips.

Mon 20: Lizzie washed and same routine - Jane to school etc.

Tue 21: Julie ironed and slow as ox. Must use world of patience to stand all this til I get well. Walked little.

Wed 22: Walked to middle of floor. Sat up long time but can't sit very well. Hurts too bad.

Thu 23: Walked little farther. Jim and Matilda in while in PM. Jean Phillips spent night. Minnie and Miss Buchanan out evening.

Fri 24: Same old things. Walking little more all along - feel stronger.

Sat 25: Geo came unexpectedly in AM. Julie went home in PM. Jane cooked supper. Gave Geo her class ring.

Sun 26: Showers all day light. Lizzie helped this AM. B Jane and Geo to church but had none. Moved out of living room. Geo left late PM.

Mon 27: Matilda, Bonnie and 2 girls in PM. Jane went back to town to practice play for the school. Spent night with Dorothy Smith.

Tue 28: Herb out PM Jane spent night Mary Nell to practice play. Getting hot.

Wed 29: Doing lots farming. B helps til noon. Jane spent night with Jean Phillips to practice play.

Thu 30: B's last night of this shift. Jane had to start walking home as he took key - going to table now.

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