Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : May 1942

Fri 1: B home at 1:30 and left again 5AM. No sleep for anyone. Ira spent day. Mrs. Commons PM. having time trying to douche.

Sat 2: Up early - can't sleep after B wakes us up going out. Jane to town for car. Took Julie home late. She stayed in for Soldier Open

Sun 3 - Jane and B to Commencement Sermon. Lizzie cooked breakfast. I helped a little. I fixed inner. Mrs. Farrar and Mrs Holland out PM. Tired tonight.

Mon 4 - Cool and rainy. Wrote letters. jane's last classes in H.S. Not feeling so well - bed early - Sewed some by hand. Slept well - cool.

Tue 5 - Cool - clear. Lizzie washed. Jame exempt from all exams. Gone to Huntsville to shop. Got 2 suitcases. Drove back to practice lay tonight.

Wed 6 - Julie ironed - Jame to town 3 times practice play tonight. Found her suit hat etc. She washed lots. I started hem stitching p cases. crocheted cream pitcher . Geo wired.

Thu 7 - Cooler. B shearing sheep didn't finish. Julie went home. Dot smith here in PM. Geo came on 5:30 bus - Senior play. Hub brought Jane gift.

Fri 8 - Lizzie helped cook breakfast. Cold - Geo and Jane to last day of school. Got pictures - Jane got 2 pkgs. B - Geo and Jane to graduation. I slept better.

Sat 9 - Helped Jane cook breakfast. Out in back yard first time. Geo and Jane to town at noon - Jane got new blue shoes - slept better.

Sun 10 - Flowers form Geo and Jane. They left for Chicago at 11:45am. Cora Mildred and Bill here for dinner. Julie came back tonight with B. Wire from Joe & G.

Mon 11 - Wire from Geo and Jane in Chicago. Lizzie washed. Worked on p cases for Nancy's birthday. Nap in PM. B sheared 8 sheep tonight. Letter and card from Joe.

Tue 12 - Julie ironing. Wrote letter to Geo and Jane. Sewed on p cases. G. Rawls in late PM for eggs. Picture of Joe & G by express.

Wed 13 - Sold first lambs 18. Wrote letters in AM. Sewed on p cases. Card from Geo and Jane. Hot now. Cow tester for supper. First peas.

Thu 14 - Rained last night. Cow tester for breakfast. He drove me to Dr. for check up. Operation successful. Letter from Mrs Waller re: Jane Rested PM. Took stool down.

Fri 15 - Sewed on p cases. Sat up all day firs ttime - long letter from Jane. Mrs. Higgins and Pearl over while PM. Julie visited Lizzie - turned cool.

Sat 16 - Helped some with cleaning. Cool - washed inwdows - cooled super alone. Julie went home tonight. B to town - I tonight but not much - not much sleep.

Sun 17 - B to SS and church - I cooked breakfast and cleaned kitchen - hard stool sick all over - chill and temp - in bed most of day. Mr and Mrs Homer Rowe out late PM.

Mon 18 - Sent washing in to Julie. New peas, potatoes, beets, chocolate pie, fried chicken to welcome Geo and Jane home tonight. Feel better but slept poorly.

Tue 19 - Felt well all day - Geo and Jane went swimming in AM. Finished p cases. Cooked super early - Jane took Geo tu bus 7pm. I tonight. Not much sleep. Some rain.

Wed 20 - Rain hard twice in AM. Turned cold in PM. Slept some in PM. Lonely, long day. Jane went to GS club tonight. I again deeper this time - no hurt. Bad dreams.

Thu 21 - Sent wool in. Mary Nell brought car out in AM for Jane to take eggs - shop etc - cold cloudy. Reading "Kings Row" that Jane gave me. Bed early. I 2 times - good - slept fine.

Fri 22 - Cold, clouds and sun. Sent $5 to reserve Jane's room at Jr. U.T. Had peas picked to sell. Jane made sheets for school. Read lots - bed early. B feeling bad.

Sat 23 - Jane cleaned up - I helped little. Rain lots last night - clear today - cool. Read - sewed - cooked. Jane to dance at HS for soldiers tonight. I tonight deep.

Sun 24 - Clear - cool. Jane and B to SS and church. Noone came all day. Read some and napped most of PM. Bed early. B bed earlier not feeling well.

Mon 25 - Clear and cool. Lizzie washed nice things - sent Julie big wash. Jane churned and ironed hemstitched on Nancy's sheet. Jane to dance at Tullahoma. Spent night at Lucy's.

Tue 26 - Cooked breakfast - fed all chix for first time. Wrote letters to Geo and his mother too. To mailbox 1st time. Jean P came home Jane little while. Big rain all night.

Wed 27 - Rain in early AM. Set hem tonight. Jane to town PM to get skirts etc. Finished King's Row PM. Jane back to GS club tonight. Getting hot.

Thu 28 - Hot this AM and clear up at 8am. Finished hemstitching Nancys sheet early. Jane sick all day - colitis. B sick too but worked - hot night.

Fri 29 - Clear. Gave Jane oil following calomel last night. Cleaned up some. Rested - read - sent letter to Lucile. Not quite so hot. Slept poorly.

Sat 30 - Clear - hot - cleaned up etc. Feeling better. Doing more each day. Jane to town PM. B back tonight. Bad dreams - hot - nervous.

Sun 31 - Very hot. B and Jane to SS and church. Fixed pkg for Denise and Martha P. graduation also Nancy's birthday gifts. No one came all day. B went work 9pm. Slept poorly.

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