Ora S. Warren Diary
Tennessee : June 1942

Mon 1 - Clear. Lizzie washed little Jane and I ironed. Started Charles p cases. Jane drove B to town tonight, brought car home - slept fine all night.

Tue 2 - Jane to Mrs. Gray's early to see Mrs. Ferrel dead - then town for errands etc. Got her gift from G. Rawes. Geo called and wired from Atlanta - Jane to dance tonight. No sleep at all.

Wed 3 - Geo drove in from Atlanta last night - brought Jane home about midnight. He was sick this AM. "Hen crowed lots early" Jane town PM. Mary Nell spent night. Good sleep.

Thu 4 - Cool in AM. But very hot in PM. Made Nancy's birthday cake - Jane and Mary Nell went town before noon. I stayed alone tonight - Jane to dance.

Fri 5 - Jamie Warren and Mrs Peck spent day - very hot - rain late PM. Men baling oats. Jane to dance again. Stayed Jean's I slept fine all alone.

Sat 6 - Up early - cool this AM but scorcher later. Jane came home with Balsut IU and washed and ironed. Then went town for last minute things. B had night off. I tonight. Nancy called tonight.

Sun 7 - Up early - Jane left on 7:55am bus for Martin for college. B went SS and church. Very lonely here now. No child at all. Miserably hot.

Mon 8 - Feel very very lonely without a child after 24 years. Nancy's birthday 24. Aunt Jennie came home B. He was sick - went to Dr. Has malaria. Hot.

Tue 9 - Hot again. B had to miss court and work too - still sick. Jane got letter from Geo's mom. Rain late PM. Working on p cases for Charles.

Wed 10 - Showers in AM. Hot later. Letter from Jane and Joe. Worked on p cases. B still sick. Cow tester for supper. Joe Hamilton in few minutes.

Thu 11 - Cow tester for breakfast. Aunt Jenine went home. B went for laundry. No cooking much - hot. Glad to rest - a bit rain in night. Slept in Jane's room.

Fri 12 - Rain early - cooler. B and I to town - got new white shoes etc. Letter from Jane and Nancy. B sick all PM. I stayed alone tonight. Slept fine.

Sat 13 - B. 54 - made him angel cake dressed chicken. Big rain storm mid AM. cleaned up. B sick again - nervous sleepless. I slept poorly - cooked supper.

Sun 14 - B and I to SS and church. Cora came home with us for dinner and super. B went to work but wasn't able. Stayed alone. Slept fine.

Mon 15 - Churned etc. Wrote letter fixed Jane a box. Spent night at Lucy's - slept fine - big rain in night telephone fixed after a week out.

Tue 16 - Town early to shop and pay bills. Took dress to Mrs. McGee home with B. Mailed Jane's rabbit. Sewed all PM and wrote letters - stayed all alone.

Wed 17 - Finished p cases and altered several dresses. Letter and card from Jane. B sent calves to Parkinson place. He slept very little - I slept fine alone.

Thu 18 - Getting hot again. Set 2 hens. Washed and ironed a little AM. Uncle Ed came PM to clear yard. Hen house etc. Mrs Harty and E over PM. Sewed on tablecloth.

Fri 19 - Cloudy early. Uncle Ed worked in garden, yard, and hen house. Sent Charles' pkg. Very hot in PM. Up late copying History of L. Co. for Jane.

Sat 20 - Clear and hot. "M". B slept little in AM. We went town PM. I went Aux meeting - too hot to sleep tonight. Nancy sent B's father's day gift.

Sun 21 - B and I to SS and church. B had to chills. We went to Ima's little while in PM. B had wire from Joe and G. Big rain late PM. Slept fairly - alone tonight.

Mon 22 - Cloudy and hot AM. Made Jane a cake. Rained late PM little shower. Stayed alone again.

Tue 23 - Nice and cool - letter from Jane. Sent her box cats etc. Sent Nancy letter. Sewed on little Polly's dress. B slept all day.

Wed 24 - Washed little and ironed. Cut Polly pich dress. Finished other one - B home late - he slept more. Cool. Slept better but lots dreams.

Thu 25 - Finished Polly's sewing. Fixed Gloria 3 dish towels. Sent Cordie meat and sewing - warmed up a bit. Hot cooking supper. Bad dreams.

Fri 26 - Hot again. Sent Joe a box - pictures dish towels - got letter from Geo. Canned 6 pts beets - put hem and buttons on new blue house dress. Shower late PM. Cooler tonight.

Sat 27 - Cleaned up - made cottage cheese - rested in PM. Went in town while night to see Aunt Donie. B home tonight. Slept fairly.

Sun 28 - SS and church. Miserably hot. Fried chicken for lunch. PM awful. Lonely and blue Hot and sick. Mean feeling. Cooler tonight. Slept better. Alone.

Mon 29 - Clear and hot this AM. Cordie and little Polly spent day. Had chicken again. Tried to rain late PM. Card from Jane. Letter from Mrs. Waller.

Tue 30 - Letter from Jane. I wrote some letters, read a bit. Don't feel well - B at home tonight. Tried to shower late PM again. Took colitis night. I night.

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